2023 AZIMA TIM Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the 2023 AZIMA TIM Awards winners!

CategoryLevelWinnerEntry Name
Business Web SiteExcellenceSting MarketingArizona Pain and Spine Institute
Business Web SiteExcellenceZion & ZionFreedomFromAccounting
Campaign Web SiteExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Consumer Web SiteExcellenceLocaliQ | USA TODAY NetworkAmtrak
Consumer Web SiteExcellenceLaneTerraleverCocopah Casino & Resort
Consumer Web SiteExcellenceZion & ZionLiquid Rubber
Consumer Web SiteMasteryOverlapElysian Living
Content Marketing CampaignExcellencePrism Global Marketing SolutionsAgricen
Content Marketing CampaignExcellenceLocaliQ | USA TODAY NetworkCenter for the Future of Arizona
Content Marketing CampaignExcellenceZion & ZionLiquid Rubber
Content Marketing CampaignExcellenceSalt River Project (SRP)Salt River Project (SRP)
Content Marketing CampaignMasteryOverlapDemers Glass
eCommerce Web SiteExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
eCommerce Web SiteExcellenceZion & ZionLiquid Rubber
Email Marketing CampaignExcellenceColling MediaColling Media
Email Marketing CampaignExcellenceColling MediaPacific Financial Association (PFA)
Email Marketing CampaignMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsCincinnati Test Systems
Integrated Business CampaignExcellencePrism Global Marketing SolutionsAgricen
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Department of Health Services
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceHighnoonArizona Department of Health Services
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Public Service
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceMegethosBeacon Specialized Living
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEGOYFF-AZ Human Trafficking Council
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceIdeas CollideHospitality Sales, Marketing Association International (HSMAI)
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceColling MediaMusicians Institute (MI)
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEPING
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceThe James AgencySource Global
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEW. P. Carey School of Business | Arizona State University
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryColling MediaDazzle Dry
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryOff Madison AveArizona Office of Tourism
Interactive User ExperienceMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Mobile AppMasteryLaneTerraleverNextCare Urgent Care
Non-profit Web SiteExcellenceHighnoonFresh Start Women’s Foundation
Online VideoExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Online VideoExcellenceThe James AgencyDazzle Dry
Online VideoExcellenceSmall GiantsAg Installers
Physical to Digital IntegrationExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Physical to Digital IntegrationMasteryPoint in Time StudiosGila River Resorts and Casinos
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor Law School
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignExcellenceColling MediaDazzle Dry
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsDeEtta Jones & Associates
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEFellowship Square Senior Living
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona State University EdPlus
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceColling MediaDazzle Dry
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceMegethosGoHealth Urgent Care
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceLocaliQ | USA Today NetworkThe Dentistry Collective
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceMetricsEdgeThe University of Arizona
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEW. P. Carey School of Business | Arizona State University
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceLocaliQ | USA Today NetworkWalker Dental
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceLocaliQ | USA Today NetworkBayshore Dental
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignMasteryAker Ink PR & MarketingAxis for Autism
Social Influencer MarketingExcellenceColling MediaBling Sauce
Social Influencer MarketingExcellencePrism Global Marketing SolutionsOrsini Specialty Pharmacy
Social Influencer MarketingExcellenceSalt River Project (SRP)Salt River Project (SRP)
Social Influencer MarketingMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Social Real-time EngagementExcellenceThe James AgencyFox Restaurant Concepts
Social Real-time EngagementMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Video AdExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Department of Health Services
Video AdExcellenceZion & ZionLarson Air Conditioning
Video AdExcellenceThe James AgencySedona Mago Center for Wellbeing and Retreat
Video AdExcellenceThe James AgencyTravel Costa Mesa
Virtual RealityMasteryPoint in Time StudiosTaadidiin Tours
Web ApplicationExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona K-12 Center
Web ApplicationExcellenceOverlapWillis Tower Watson
Digital Brand Transformation of the YearZion & ZionLiquid Rubber
Interactive Brand of the YearOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Interactive Rising StarErin LaBereOverlap
Interactive Person of the YearDale CastroOverlap
Matthew O’Brien Community Builder of the YearStephen HeitzLAVIDGE

2021 AZIMA TIM Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the 2021 AZIMA TIM Awards winners!

CategoryLevelWinnerEntry Name
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Public Service
Display AdExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Public Service
Content WebsiteExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Commerce Authority
Campaign WebsiteExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Department of Education
Video AdExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Secretary of State
Video AdExcellenceHighnoonArizona Together
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEASU W. P. Carey School of Business
eCommerce WebsiteExcellenceAker Ink PR & MarketingBōdee Organics
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceLAVIDGECaesars Republic
eCommerce WebsiteExcellenceLAVIDGECircleIT
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceOverlapDemers Glass
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignExcellenceOverlapDemers Glass
Non-profit WebsiteExcellenceRazor Thin MediaDiscover Gila County, Inc
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceZion & ZionDonley AC & Plumbing
Business WebsiteExcellenceHighnoonHighnoon
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignExcellenceUSA TODAY Network | LOCALiQ Marketing ServicesSynergy HomeCare of St. Louis County
Business WebsiteExcellenceWidely InteractiveIntellient
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceMetricsEdgeUniversity of Arizona Global
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceUSA TODAY Network | LOCALiQ Marketing ServicesPark University
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceUSA TODAY Network | LOCALiQ Marketing ServicesScottsdale Community College
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceUSA TODAY Network | LOCALiQ Marketing ServicesHello Laser
Business WebsiteExcellenceMegethosMegethos Website
Email Marketing CampaignExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignExcellenceMetricsEdgeUniversity of Arizona
Integrated Business CampaignExcellencePrism Global Marketing SolutionsLeadsCouncil
Business WebsiteExcellenceThe James AgencyParkPro
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceThe James AgencyPhoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation
Video AdExcellenceCox MediaSands Chevrolet
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceZion & ZionScensible Solutions
Video AdExcellenceHighnoonValleywise Health
Social Influencer MarketingExcellenceSRPSalt River Project (SRP)
Integrated Business CampaignMasteryGreater Phoenix Economic Council#AZFreeToBe
Email Marketing CampaignMasteryUSA TODAY Network | LOCALiQ Marketing ServicesYavapai College
Alexis CastorinaInteractive Rising StarEarly Warning Services, LLC.
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEArizona Secretary of State
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEArizona State University
Content Marketing CampaignMasteryLaneTerraleverArizona Department of Child Safety
Consumer WebsiteMasteryZion & ZionBehmer Roofing & Sheet Metal
Interactive User ExperienceMasteryLAVIDGECampusLogic
Non-profit WebsiteMasteryLAVIDGECenter For the Future of Arizona
Web ApplicationMasteryOverlapDaybreak Utah
Consumer WebsiteMasteryOverlapDaybreak Utah
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEFellowship Square
Social LiveMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Social Real-time EngagementMasteryMAKA Digital MediaLiv Cycling
Mandy KarimiInteractive Rising StarThe James AgencyThe James Agency
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryMegethosThe Lash Professional
Search Marketing (PPC) CampaignMasteryMegethosScience Care
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryThe James AgencyNational Harbor
Consumer WebsiteMasteryLaneTerraleverNextCare Urgent Care
Video AdMasteryEarly WarningEarly Warning Services, LLC. The network operator of Zelle®
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Consumer WebsiteMasteryLaneTerraleverUpward Projects
Video AdMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Display AdMasterySimpli.fi + White Labeled MediaTrue Classic Tees
Interactive Rising Star From a BrandAlexis CastorinaEarly Warning Services, LLC. The network operator of Zelle®
Interactive Rising Star From an AgencyMandy KarimiThe James Agency

2022 AZIMA TIM Awards Winner

Congratulations to all the 2022 AZIMA TIM Awards winners!

CategoryLevelWinnerEntry Name
Campaign Web SiteMasteryLAVIDGEArizona Department of Health Services
Campaign Web SiteMasteryMegethosAmerican Metal Roofs
Consumer Web SiteExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Content Marketing CampaignExcellenceLOCALiQ | GET CreativeKaravel Shoes
Content Marketing CampaignMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsAgricen
Display AdExcellenceThe James AgencyNational Harbor
Display AdMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Display AdMasteryThe James AgencyPhoenix Children’s Foundation
eCommerce WebsiteExcellenceThe James AgencyDazzle Dry
Email Marketing CampaignExcellenceThe James AgencyThe James Agency
Email Marketing CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEZark Parking
Email Marketing CampaignMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Email Marketing CampaignMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsOrsini Specialty Pharmacy
Integrated B2B CampaignMasteryMegethosGood Start Packaging
Integrated B2B CampaignMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Integrated B2B CampaignMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsAgricen
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Public Service
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Public Service
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceMegethosGrillscapes
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceMetricsEdgeThe University of Arizona
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceSalt River Project (SRP)Salt River Project (SRP)
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceThe James AgencyPhoenix Children’s Foundation
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEArizona Department of Health Services
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Interactive User ExperienceMasteryLAVIDGECampusLogic
Non-profit Web SiteMasteryAker Ink PR & MarketingTake Charge America
Non-profit Web SiteMasteryGreater Phoenix Economic CouncilGreater Phoenix Economic Council
Non-profit Web SiteMasteryLAVIDGEArizona Theatre Company
Online VideoExcellenceHighnoonCisco
Online VideoExcellenceHighnoonGoWest Credit Union Association
Online VideoExcellenceThe James AgencyBelgravia Group
Online VideoExcellenceThe James AgencyScott Communities
Physical to Digital IntegrationMasteryColling MediaDiscount Tire
Search Engine Optimization CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEFellowship Square Senior Living
Search Engine Optimization CampaignMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsCultivate
Search Marketing CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEArizona State University EdPlus
Search Marketing CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEW. P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University
Search Marketing CampaignMasteryMegethosAirCARE1
Search Marketing CampaignMasteryWidely InteractiveEpiphany Dermatology
Social Community BuildingMasteryPrism Global Marketing SolutionsOrsini Specialty Pharmacy
Social Influencer MarketingExcellenceColling MediaBling Sauce
Social LiveMasteryOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Video AdExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona Commerce Authority
Video AdExcellenceMegethosAnimals Matter
Video AdExcellenceThe James AgencyPhoenix Children’s Foundation
Video AdMasteryLAVIDGEArizona Department of Health Services
Matthew O’Brien Community Builder of the YearMatthew O’BrienMint Social
Interactive Rising Star From a BrandJessica DaleyGreater Phoenix Economic Council
Interactive Rising Star From an AgencyBri GibsonAker Ink PR & Marketing
Interactive Rising Star From an AgencyMichelle NugentMetricsEdge

2020 AZIMA TIM Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the 2020 AZIMA TIM Awards winners!

CategoryLevelWinnerEntry Name
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceZion & ZionSalons by JC
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingAccidental Icon
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceLaneTerraleverSouthwestern Eye Center
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingDefy Extreme Air Sports
Consumer WebsiteExcellenceZion & ZIonSun Health Communities
Consumer WebsiteMasteryWidely INteractiveKH Webb Website
Business WebsiteExcellenceANDERSON ADVERTISINGVerra Mobility
Business WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingRestech
Business WebsiteExcellenceZion & ZIonBD WAVELINq
Business WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingAltis Elite Training
Business WebsiteExcellenceZion & ZIonCubex
Non-Profit WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingArizona Care Network
Non-Profit WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingSun Health Communities
Non-Profit WebsiteExcellenceLaneTerraleverRio Salado College
Non-Profit WebsiteExcellenceLAVIDGEArizona @ Work
Campaign Web SiteExcellenceArizona Online?amAZe Landing Page
eCommerce WebsiteExcellenceSkyhook MarketingJournee Collection Shopify Website
Display AdMasteryZion & ZIonISM Raceway Rich Media Takeover
Display AdMasteryMegethosHeap Programmatic Ads
Display AdMasteryLAVIDGEAPS
Email MarketingExcellenceZion & ZIonSun Health Foundation
Email MarketingExcellenceLAVIDGEOSR & Manager Salesforce Email
Email MarketingExcellenceLAVIDGEThe “Billy” Email
Email MarketingMasteryDeferoBar-S Drip Campaign
Email MarketingMasteryDeferoBubbies Ice Cream
Online VideoExcellenceArizona OnlineStudent Experience
Online VideoExcellenceZion & ZIonDonate Life Arizona
Online VideoExcellenceEvolveBrand Launch
Online VideoExcellenceZion & ZIonVenezia’s
Online VideoExcellenceLAVIDGEAPS
Online VideoExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Coyotes
Online VideoExcellenceOH PartnersIt’s not Complicated
Online VideoExcellenceLAVIDGESimonMed
Search Marketing (PPC)ExcellenceLAVIDGEASU WP Carey
Search Marketing (PPC)ExcellenceParacorePersonal Injury Law Firm
Search Marketing (PPC)MasteryTallwaveClimate Change
Search Marketing (PPC)MasteryMetricsEdgeArizona Online
Search Marketing (PPC)MasteryMegethosAerocare
Search Marketing (SEO)ExcellenceOn Q FinancialThe Dream is Inclusive
Search Marketing (SEO)ExcellenceMetricsEdgeOneAZ Credit Union
Search Marketing (SEO)ExcellenceUSA Today Network | LocalIQRe-Bath
Search Marketing (SEO)ExcellenceLAVIDGEFellowship Square
Search Marketing (SEO)MasteryLAVIDGELAVIDGE.com
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceSRPSummer of Savings
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceZion & ZIonISM Raceway
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceOn Q FinancialThe Dream is Inclusive
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEPhoenix Theatre
Integrated Consumer CampaignExcellenceLaneTerraleverYou’re Back, Baby
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryOff Madison AveDon’t Trash AZ
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryZIon & ZIonDonate Life Arizona
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryArizona Office of TourismUnreal Arizona
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryDeferoBilly + Margot
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryDefero#MakeMyBubbies
Integrated Consumer CampaignMasteryLAVIDGEASU Take California
Integrated Business CampaignExcellenceLAVIDGEAPS
Integrated Business CampaignExcellenceParacoreNovoEd
Integrated Business CampaignMasteryMegethosHeap
Integrated Business CampaignMasteryGreater Phoenix Economic Council#CarStrugglesAreReal
Interactive User ExperienceMasteryLAVIDGEArizona @ Work
Pyshical to Digital IntegrationMasteryMWIVirgin Atlantic
Data AnalyticsExcellenceArizona State UniversityConnected Systems and Machine Learning
Data AnalyticsMasteryUSA Today Network | LocalIQYavapai Community College
Content Marketing CampaignExcellenceUSA Today Network | LocalIQChrist Hospital
Social Influencer MarketingExcellenceOH PartnersArizona Coyotes
Social Influencer MarketingMasteryZion & ZIonArthur Andrew
Social Influencer MarketingMasteryOff Madison AveBarbie’s Road Trip
Social Real-Time EngagementMasteryLAVIDGEArizona State University
Social LiveMasteryOH PartnersWillie’s Virtual Livestream
Social AdExcellenceParacoreTort Litigation
Social AdExcellenceParacoreSouthwest Institute of Healing Arts
Social AdExcellenceLAVIDGEPHXDW
Social AdExcellenceMWIPrecoa
Social AdMasteryParacoreMariners LEarning System
Social AdMasteryParacorePicmonic
Digital Transformation of the YearMasteryGreater Phoenix Economic CouncilGreater Phoenix Greater Together
Interactive Person of the YearBrendon McInerneyTallWave

Digital Summit Phoenix 2020 on March 23-25

Digital Summit Phoenix 2020 AZIMA

Who’s ready for Digital Summit Phoenix on March 23-25, 2020? Our friends at Digital Summit are back with a
lineup and program that is FIRE. Join us and 1250+ of your marketing peers to dig deep into the
digital marketing trends and tactics that are going to propel you into this new decade.

Here’s what’s in store for you at this year’s event:

  • Confirmed keynotes from Instagram, Microsoft, and Fast Company
  • 45+ in-depth digital marketing sessions from brands including Nordstrom, U.S. Bank,
    LinkedIn, Fox Sports, Pinterest, The Motley Fool, Pandora, and many more
  • A special appearance and fireside chat with rap icon and entrepreneur, Ja Rule
  • Up to date, trend-forward sessions in Content Marketing, Social, Email, CX, Data &
    Analytics, SEO, Voice, Branding, Ecommerce, and much more
  • 1250+ seasoned digital marketers like you in one location. Endless opportunities to
    create new peer and client connections!
  • Access to all of the DS Phoenix session recordings and slide decks, post-event, for
    continued learning
  • Incredible value for all of this content. Digital Summit is often 4-6x less expensive
    than comparable events

See the full program and speaker list at Digital Summit Phoenix and use our special promo
code #AZIMA50 and get $50 off your DSPHX pass.


2019 AZIMA TIMs Awards Winners

And the Winners Are…

Level of AwardAward CategoryCompany NameClient Name
Board MVPTiffany SellwoodMetrics Edge
Digital TransformationDigital TransformationMINT SocialSt. Vincent de Paul
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteOff Madison AveHooters Casino Hotel
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteAttic SaltDavid Gebing
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteMoses IncDynamynd
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteZion & ZionBarro’s Pizza
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteLAVIDGEZOE Holding Company
ExcellenceBusiness Web SiteLane|TerraleverGolden Entertainment
ExcellenceBusiness Web SiteMWIMWI
ExcellenceNon-profit Web SiteZion & ZionSun Health
ExcellenceNon-profit Web SiteWireBuzzJohn Williams
ExcellenceMobile AppOff Madison AveElla Bliss Beauty Bar
ExcellenceEmail Marketing CampaignLAVIDGELAVIDGE
ExcellenceOnline VideoSRPSRP
ExcellenceOnline VideoMoses IncPinal County
ExcellenceSearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignLAVIDGEASU W P Carey School of Business
ExcellenceSearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignColling MediaKnight Transportation
ExcellenceSearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignDeferoNorthcentral University
ExcellenceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignColling MediaMusicians Institute (MI)
ExcellenceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignLAVIDGEFellowship Square
ExcellenceIntegrated Consumer CampaignLAVIDGEISSA
ExcellenceIntegrated Consumer CampaignLAVIDGEISM Raceway
ExcellenceIntegrated Consumer CampaignDeferoNorthcentral University
ExcellenceContent Marketing CampaignLOCALiQBaker Bros Area Rugs & Flooring
ExcellenceContent Marketing CampaignLOCALiQRepublic Media Cause Marketing
ExcellenceContent Marketing CampaignLAVIDGELAVIDGE
ExcellenceSocial Real-time EngagementLAVIDGEPROSE
MasteryConsumer Web SiteLane|TerraleverUpward Projects
MasteryConsumer Web SiteTallwaveCastle Hot Springs
MasteryNon-profit Web SiteMoses IncAunt Rita’s Foundation
MasteryCampaign Web SiteMoses IncCity of Phoenix
MasteryeCommerce Web SiteLane|TerraleverDesert Botanical Garden
MasteryMobile AppOff Madison AveArizona Office of Tourism
MasteryEmail Marketing CampaignLAVIDGEArizona Commerce Authority
MasteryEmail Marketing CampaignLAVIDGEUnited Rentals
MasteryEmail Marketing CampaignDeferoBar-S
MasteryOnline VideoLAVIDGEISM Raceway
MasteryOnline VideoZion & ZionPita Jungle
MasteryOnline VideoWireBuzzExpress Badging
MasteryVideo AdZion & ZionPita Jungle
MasterySearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignLOCALiQThe CORE Institute
MasterySearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignParaCoreOnline Nautical Training
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignLOCALiQ
Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignLOCALiQThe CORE Institute
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignMoses IncNorth Pole Experience
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignZion & ZionDonor Network of Arizona
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignMoses IncDazzle Dry
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignDeferoBar-S
MasteryIntegrated B2B CampaignLAVIDGEArizona Commerce Authority
MasteryIntegrated B2B CampaignMegethosDoubleDutch
MasterySocial Real-time EngagementOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Person of the YearBritni GallelloTallwave
Rising StarMatthew BintzlerArizona State University
Rising StarTodd HartleyWireBuzz

In case you missed it: JJ Bannasch – Advanced Programmatic Strategies

August 18, 2016 | Scottsdale, AZ


Presentation highlights | Watch entire presentation

In this presentation, JJ Bannasch, president of San Diego-based digital marketing agency Katana and founder of Programmatic Media Labs, discusses some key topics that are commonly misunderstood, forgotten or ignored in programmatic media executions.

Key concepts:

  • What is programmatic, and how is it impacting the adtech industry?
  • How is programmatic advertising accomplished?
  • Doing a cost/benefit analysis on running programmatic in-house vs. via agency — and what mixture makes sense
  • How to understand the true business of various adtech vendors
  • Importance of building relationships with ad exchanges, demand-side providers (DSPs), agencies
  • When to apply automation to programmatic advertising (and when not to)
  • How to create a game plan & implementation timeline

Event Photos

About the speaker

JJ Bannasch is an experienced agency executive who is recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers, executive teams and industry leaders can leverage programmatic media and digital strategy to fundamentally reinvent marketing programs. He works closely with many leading companies and technologies within the digital marketing space and has advanced how digital marketing is evaluated, analyzed and implemented within organizations of all sizes. He has been recognized by numerous industry awards over the last 13+ years for excellence in digital media, campaign performance and thought leadership.

Why B-roll Video Is So Valuable To A Brand

With TV news stations often stretched thin and unable to send a camera crew to cover a story or event, it’s a good idea to have your own footage for each of your clients available to provide to them.

Providing professionally produced B-roll to a news organization is invaluable when pitching a story to the assignment desk. It is priceless to have footage to show what your client does in case a story opportunity is presented to you. With footage of the manufacturing process, employees providing a service or exterior building shots with company signage on hand, you are immediately able to provide the file to a news station.

B-roll isn’t just for timeless footage. For companies with events that are time sensitive, footage often needs to be shot and delivered to the stations on the same day.

Many businesses make the mistake of providing amateur footage that never gets on air. When you hire a professional video production company to gather B-roll they have the equipment and the knowledge of what the station needs to increase the odds of it airing.

Footage needs to be shot in HD and the shots must be fluid and steady. Shaky camera work is unacceptable. When shooting using pans or tilts, the camera operator should let the motion end before cutting to another shot. If you’re including soundbites, a good camera operator will know how much pre-roll to include and will make sure the audio is crisp. If your client is with a national company, try to localize the story to make it more relevant. And remember exterior shots matter. When pitching a local story, don’t send video of the client’s New York office with Times Square in the background.

The footage not only needs to be photographed professionally, but it must also be edited to provide the best shots in a concise package. A professional editor will know to include the ambient sound and know the safe area for graphics on the screen. The editor will create the dubs or digitally send the footage to the station.

For your corporate clients, it’s important to have professional video to best highlight the organization. Whether for airing on TV or other corporate use, brand is the most important asset a company has and by shooting profession B-roll and having it ready, you control how that brand is presented.

This link offers an example of how B-roll we provided was used during an in-studio interview as cover shots during the segment.

For assistance on producing B-roll footage or soundbite clips for your clients, or your own company, visit us at Spectrum Video & Film or call 602-889-0990. We are experts in video production and have been in the Valley for more than 30 years. We offer full-service video production from script to screen; lighting, projection and sound for events and meetings; and webcasting. Your facility is equipped with a studio, three edit bays and a sound booth.

May AZIMA Member Spotlight- Mark Goldstein

A Look Inside:

Q&A with AZIMA member and volunteer Mark Goldstein

Mark Goldstein, AZIMA member, volunteer and event photographer, offers his pro bono photography skills as a gift within the Arizona technology community. As the current President of International Research Center, Goldstein runs a technology industry oriented research and consulting practice and has done so for the past 24 years.

What is your Current Title?

 President, International Research Center

Tell us more about your day job

We provide consulting, custom research, business development, and strategic support for business, legal, and public policy clients in a variety of high-technology disciplines and arenas, harnessing global information resources for informed decision making. I build and manage virtual teams of professionals with various skills and competencies to meet clients’ needs. See http://www.researchedge.com/.

What do you do for AZIMA?

 Event Photographer

How did you get involved with photography?

My college degree is in cinematography. Even though that’s never what I did for a living, I remain an avid shooter for pleasure.

What is the best thing about being involved with AZIMA?

I learn so much at the monthly dinner meetings. Speakers are top notch and truly help extend my appreciation for and understanding of social media and various interactive technologies. Always worth the time and often quite illuminating.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new AZIMA volunteer, what would it be?

Keep an open mind and open heart. As you join long time volunteers, there are historical precedents and ways of doing things, but plenty of opportunity to contribute and move the ball forward. Relationship build too, there can be quite beneficial to your visibility in the organization and hopefully lead to new opportunities and friendships.

Teresa Taylor - Mark Goldstein AIIP Headshot 01 04_18_15 Crop

If you’d like to learn more about AZIMA and ways to volunteer or become a member, please visit our website http://joinazima.org/