Author: Matthew O'Brien

With over 20 years of experience in the digital media world, Matthew has worked for and with Fortune 500 businesses and has built companies from start up stage to exit strategy. He recently helped develop a geo-marketing platform to bridge the gap between search, social and mobile marketing to maximize the visibility and relevancy of online businesses. In addition to founding MINT Social, Matthew has developed educational curriculum for Universities on social media for businesses, is a founding board member of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) and founder of World Webinar Network. Matthew is a mentor with ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group and speaker on social media and content marketing.

Digital Summit Phoenix 2020 on March 23-25

Digital Summit Phoenix 2020 AZIMA

Who’s ready for Digital Summit Phoenix on March 23-25, 2020? Our friends at Digital Summit are back with a
lineup and program that is FIRE. Join us and 1250+ of your marketing peers to dig deep into the
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Here’s what’s in store for you at this year’s event:

  • Confirmed keynotes from Instagram, Microsoft, and Fast Company
  • 45+ in-depth digital marketing sessions from brands including Nordstrom, U.S. Bank,
    LinkedIn, Fox Sports, Pinterest, The Motley Fool, Pandora, and many more
  • A special appearance and fireside chat with rap icon and entrepreneur, Ja Rule
  • Up to date, trend-forward sessions in Content Marketing, Social, Email, CX, Data &
    Analytics, SEO, Voice, Branding, Ecommerce, and much more
  • 1250+ seasoned digital marketers like you in one location. Endless opportunities to
    create new peer and client connections!
  • Access to all of the DS Phoenix session recordings and slide decks, post-event, for
    continued learning
  • Incredible value for all of this content. Digital Summit is often 4-6x less expensive
    than comparable events

See the full program and speaker list at Digital Summit Phoenix and use our special promo
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2019 AZIMA TIMs Awards Winners

And the Winners Are…

Level of AwardAward CategoryCompany NameClient Name
Board MVPTiffany SellwoodMetrics Edge
Digital TransformationDigital TransformationMINT SocialSt. Vincent de Paul
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteOff Madison AveHooters Casino Hotel
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteAttic SaltDavid Gebing
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteMoses IncDynamynd
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteZion & ZionBarro’s Pizza
ExcellenceConsumer Web SiteLAVIDGEZOE Holding Company
ExcellenceBusiness Web SiteLane|TerraleverGolden Entertainment
ExcellenceBusiness Web SiteMWIMWI
ExcellenceNon-profit Web SiteZion & ZionSun Health
ExcellenceNon-profit Web SiteWireBuzzJohn Williams
ExcellenceMobile AppOff Madison AveElla Bliss Beauty Bar
ExcellenceEmail Marketing CampaignLAVIDGELAVIDGE
ExcellenceOnline VideoSRPSRP
ExcellenceOnline VideoMoses IncPinal County
ExcellenceSearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignLAVIDGEASU W P Carey School of Business
ExcellenceSearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignColling MediaKnight Transportation
ExcellenceSearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignDeferoNorthcentral University
ExcellenceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignColling MediaMusicians Institute (MI)
ExcellenceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) CampaignLAVIDGEFellowship Square
ExcellenceIntegrated Consumer CampaignLAVIDGEISSA
ExcellenceIntegrated Consumer CampaignLAVIDGEISM Raceway
ExcellenceIntegrated Consumer CampaignDeferoNorthcentral University
ExcellenceContent Marketing CampaignLOCALiQBaker Bros Area Rugs & Flooring
ExcellenceContent Marketing CampaignLOCALiQRepublic Media Cause Marketing
ExcellenceContent Marketing CampaignLAVIDGELAVIDGE
ExcellenceSocial Real-time EngagementLAVIDGEPROSE
MasteryConsumer Web SiteLane|TerraleverUpward Projects
MasteryConsumer Web SiteTallwaveCastle Hot Springs
MasteryNon-profit Web SiteMoses IncAunt Rita’s Foundation
MasteryCampaign Web SiteMoses IncCity of Phoenix
MasteryeCommerce Web SiteLane|TerraleverDesert Botanical Garden
MasteryMobile AppOff Madison AveArizona Office of Tourism
MasteryEmail Marketing CampaignLAVIDGEArizona Commerce Authority
MasteryEmail Marketing CampaignLAVIDGEUnited Rentals
MasteryEmail Marketing CampaignDeferoBar-S
MasteryOnline VideoLAVIDGEISM Raceway
MasteryOnline VideoZion & ZionPita Jungle
MasteryOnline VideoWireBuzzExpress Badging
MasteryVideo AdZion & ZionPita Jungle
MasterySearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignLOCALiQThe CORE Institute
MasterySearch Marketing (PPC) CampaignParaCoreOnline Nautical Training
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignLOCALiQ
Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignLOCALiQThe CORE Institute
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignMoses IncNorth Pole Experience
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignZion & ZionDonor Network of Arizona
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignMoses IncDazzle Dry
MasteryIntegrated Consumer CampaignDeferoBar-S
MasteryIntegrated B2B CampaignLAVIDGEArizona Commerce Authority
MasteryIntegrated B2B CampaignMegethosDoubleDutch
MasterySocial Real-time EngagementOH PartnersArizona Lottery
Person of the YearBritni GallelloTallwave
Rising StarMatthew BintzlerArizona State University
Rising StarTodd HartleyWireBuzz

How Website Development is Like My Wife’s Shoes

Post by Roger Hurni – My director of interactive, Anthony Helmstetter, just came out of a meeting with a potential client who is having some website development issues. When I asked him what they were experiencing, he described a situation many of us are familiar with. The project started off with no budget, but they didn’t want to spend a lot of money even though they couldn’t define a specific budget. They wanted “off-the-shelf” technology that is easy to use and proven. This included a CMS that would allow them to make changes, but admitted they would rarely use. They hired another company that made promises, blew their budget, then tried free web software to get the site back on track, only for the client to find themselves six months behind schedule and trying to polish a turd of a website.

It dawned on me how many companies we come across that are in some stage of this kind of fiasco. And the answer to avoiding this situation came to me in the from of the shoes my wife Joanne buys. Or used to buy, to be specific. You see, like most women, Joanne loves to buy shoes. The problem is she always tries to choose the most practical path to purchasing them. Then, she rationalizes the purchase of an inexpensive pair of shoes by saying to herself,“these are only for special situations and I won’t be wearing them much,” or, “they were on sale at 60% off and I saved us money.” Sometimes, she reasons, “I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will mostly just sit on a shelf.” You get the idea –she’s buying cheap to get more. Or so she thinks. Inevitably, when she finally wears a pair, she complains about her feet hurting 20 minutes later, followed by a comment like, “these are the worst shoes, and I won’t wear them again. I’m going back to the store to buy the other pair I saw that was $75 more.”

Here’s my point: instead of trying to save money by buying pair of shoes for $60 only to go back later to purchase a better pair for $150, I always tell her to just buy the pair for $150 from the start and save us $60 and a headache. Many website projects I see take the exact same approach. So if you want to really save money, try starting with a realistic budget that isn’t necessarily the cheapest option, knowing it brings quality people and technology appropriate for your goals. It’s your business for Pete’s sake, so make it an investment in it. You’ll be far better off in the end, and your feet won’t have to suffer through another bad pair of shoes. 

AZIMA Presentation on Mobile First for 2013: Advertise, Monetize, and Maximize 2-28-13

AZIMA Presentation on Mobile First for 2013: Advertise, Monetize, and Maximize 2-28-13 by Matthew O’Brien

Kim Carlson, Strategic Sales for, a global mobile ad network. This slide deck from the February 28th AZIMA event provides some industry insights and commentary on the state of mobile advertising. Including InMobi’s recent Mobile Consumption research, learn why use mobile in your strategy, how is mobile different, mobile marketing insights on a couple of key verticals, best practices for successful mobile marketing and finally some creative examples of recent award winning campaigns. Kim has worked in digital media for the last 10+ years addressing many aspects of mobile marketing. In Mobile, most people believe this is an opportunity to find the holy grail of marketing- touching the consumer across the marketing funnel from awareness to purchase, to loyalty. Every year that we take a look at this we seem to make progress- and that’s exciting for marketers, users, and enablers alike.

Next AZIMA event is on March 28th will feature digital marketing pioneer, Jay Baer, as host and MC and he promises to share some of his top ideas on the digital marketing world as we know it. This is the first Annual TIM Awards is your chance to mingle with some of the best and brightest marketers in Phoenix. If you are in digital marketing field, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Presentation by Rami Kalla on Converting Video to Sales on YouTube

Guest post by: Shauna Stacy, Hummingbird Media, LLC

The latest AZIMA meeting featured a presentation titled “Lights, Camera, YouTube: Converting Video to Sales.”  Presenter Rami Kalla, the owner of Tempe-based Point in Time Studios, offered an overview of the opportunities of using online video, shared a number of success stories from businesses who have chosen to capitalize on them, and spoke on the basics of the popular site YouTube.

To start, Rami shared a number of statistics regarding online video. One of the most impressive: Customers are 64 to 85% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video. Previous speaker, Jon Wolske of Zappos, indicated the same affect in March 2012 when he discussed the positive impact of adding videos of products on

Video also appears in 70% of top online search returns. This means that creating video content for your product or service, and making it easy for prospects to find, could dramatically boost your online visibility and conversion if done well. Rami continued with a brief history of online video, emphasizing top video site YouTube. In addition to being the top video site, with 800 million unique monthly visitors, YouTube is a critical piece of the Google suite, and – ultimately – a big piece of the SEO puzzle.

Those planning to jump into online video were urged to do the following:

  • Focus less on the elusive viral video and more on your audience. Where are they searching? What do they want to know?
  • Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Realize that quality does not always mean exorbitant cost, and vice versa.
  • Start small and build from there.

The presentation also included a demonstration of the Will It Blend? and Swagger Wagon videos. They make for fun research, if you have a few minutes to spare. Finally, he dove more deeply into YouTube specifics, including earned versus paid media, keyword and SEO basics, Adwords for Video, and conversion analytics. Like other forms of online content, there is no magic, single step to creating success in online video. Once you build a baseline, and take the first step, you can continuously improve with evaluation and persistence. You just have to take the first step.

Largest Social Media Event Focused on Business in Arizona – SMAZ5 10-7-11

SMAZ – Social Media AZ (Social Media for Businesses in Arizona)

Want to learn about Social Media and Digital Marketing focused on business? This is the event you should attend! RSVP Today! 

A business focused event designed to help businesses understand, improve and learn about Digital Marketing, with a Social Media focus. Covering Social Media, Search, Mobile and more. Learn from Industry Experts and Corporations that are well versed in using Social Media to reach and support their clients.

Presenters range from Fortune 200 executives to Social Media authors and SEM architects with years of experience willing to share the challenges and rewards of implementing internal and external Social media strategies. Learn policies, processes, tool sets, and monitoring techniques from the experts. Bring your questions and meet the right people.

  • Why join us? Focus on Real World experiences!
  • Learn from and meet the best in the business!
  • Mobile, video, search, social, measurement, and more.

The major Digital Agencies will all be there. Everything from the 101 session, Small / Medium Business to Enterprise. Join our panel of experts in a comfortable environment allowing for direct interaction.

  • Ask questions that are pertinent to your organization
  • Hear and see how other companies are approaching Social Media, the challenges and successes.
  • Case Studies will be emphasized, real world information!
  • What tools are being using?
  • How do you measure success?
  • How do you convince your management?
  • What questions do you need to ask to be successful?
  • How to address corporate policies around Social Media?

Meet others with similar goals and make new connections. Oh and there’s some great food too. Exceptional prizes are being given away as well!

For additional information please go to: (Use #SMAZ on Twitter: SMAZ conversations on Twitter)

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Our partner associations:

Business Marketing Association (BMA)

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Arizona Interactive Marketing Association(AZIMA)

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Location: 730 S. Mill Ave Tempe, 85281

Date: Friday, October 07, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (MT)

Register TODAY!

SMAZ4 Social, Mobile, Search & Digital Marketing for Business Feb 11

Largest Interactive Marketing Event in AZ
SMAZ is the premier business focused event to help companies understand and learn the latest techniques in digital marketing and social media. Learn from industry experts and corporations that have experience in how to do it right. With a focus on real world experience which means we share the good, the bad and what really works. SMAZ4 is February 11th!

Register Today for SMAZ4 (Use smazzie for 25% off)



Location: The MadCap Theaters in beautiful downtown Tempe. We have all of the theaters on the 2nd floor, open areas and ‘healthier’ concessions slated for the event. All this means that our event is ready for more attendees.

The MadCap Theaters

730 S. Mill Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85281 Google Map

Parking Details (There will be free and discounted parking available)

Why Non-Profits Have an Unfair Advantage with Social Media Marketing

This presentation is a follow up from 2009’s Arizona Coalition to End Homeless Conference. On October 15th, 2010, the presentation below was given to Maricopa Association of Governments and the many non-profits across Arizona that shared the morning with me to learn how to leverage social media to help the poor, the hungry, the homeless and to reach people in crisis across Arizona.

The first thing to note is that non-profit organizations have an advantage over other businesses when it comes to social media marketing. The reason is simple; non-profit organizations have a common mission for helping those in need. Isn’t this what social media marketing is all about by having a third party promoting a message to benefit another?

The Formula for Happiness (by Deepak Chopra)

  • 50% is a result of our first three years of life (based on external factors; particularly the people that we were around during that time)
  • 10% is based on the conditions of your life (Are you rich or poor? Does your environment fit your lifestyle? Are you secure?)
  • 40% is based the choices we make each day (making you feel good, helping others, etc.)


Find a cause that you care about, get involved and be a lot happier. If you need a push, mark your calendar for November 19th (7:30am-9am). Last year over 2,000 people dedicated their time and helped raise over $750,000 for St. Vincent de Paul. Learn more…

Read the full post on social media marketing for non-profits