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5 Simple Things I learned at #SMAZ 2010

Guest Post By: Sarah Geiger, Co-founder of AZPRC

Last week, I joined several other Valley professionals at this year’s Social Media AZ (#SMAZ) at Tempe MadCap Theater. Most were interested in learning the same thing: how to use social media effectively. Noticed a wide spectrum of experience at this event, yet we all meshed well together! I would place myself somewhere in the middle, however I learned a few simple tips to help develop content strategy. Our own Arnie Kuenn shared useful tools during his session”Winning Tactics for Content Creation,” and did a great job plugging AZIMA!

    • Content is not created equal. It is important to develop relevant content for each strategy (Local, Mobile, Social, Search)
    • Use Google Analytics, to find what your audience is really looking at. You can become Google Analytics certified through their free training system Conversion University.
    • Plan your content strategy on a quarterly basis. Revaluate and revisit target audience.
    • Develop consistent, relevant content in multiple channels.
    • Keynote Speaker, Greg Chapman, Sitewire, presented “Taking the Customer Lifecycle Digital” and said there are 5 stages to the customer lifecycle: Awareness, Consideration, Interaction, Loyalty and Advocacy. Develop strategy for each stage of the customer lifestyle. Each level requires different messaging to retain customer base.

Everyone could use a reminder, and if you are not already following these simple tips, here’s a refresher on how to develop content strategy.

I am looking forward to participating in the next #SMAZ, it’s well worth it!