AZIMA Academic Outreach & How to Seek Out Fantastic Interns and New Hires

One of the core missions here at the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association is to help local marketing services firms, businesses, educational institutions and students improve their overall understanding and application of interactive marketing best practices. As an integral step in attaining this goal, AZIMA has created an Academic Outreach Program. The program will provide one or more scholarships to Arizona universities each year and participates in the development of curricula, events and research that help shape academic outputs and act as a catalyst for growing Arizona businesses. We will provide a conduit to internship opportunities for students, as well as jobs for recent graduates.  AZIMA’s VP of Academic Affairs, Jeff Walters has been working with ASU and has produced this useful document, AZIMA – Academic Outreach & ASU to assist anyone considering offering an internship position or hiring recent graduates from the school at their organization. Its full of helpful information, resources and contact information to help with this endeavor.

Additionally, at the recent AZIMA event our members and visitors had the pleasure of hearing from Kathleen Taylor with the Graduate Career Management Center of ASU. She discussed the Resume Book, Strategic Marketing and Services Leadership 2010 Candidates & 2011 Candidates. This book highlights the resumes of W. P. Carey MBA students specializing in Strategic Marketing and Services Leadership. These students will be graduating from the full-time MBA program in May 2010 and 2011, and seek full-time marketing positions and summer internships.

Together these two documents will assist any local organization looking for an intern or a graduate as a full-time employee. AZIMA is the place Arizonans turn to for interactive marketing education and networking, providing its members with leading edge online marketing strategies, tactics, and creative executions and this is just another way that we are making an impact on the community. Interested in more information regarding our academic outreach? Feel free to contact us, we are always looking to connect.