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Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 15

Wow – my 15th edition of the Mission to Meet AZIMA Members is here.  It has been a great way for me to connect with people at AZIMA’s monthly social events and hopefully you have enjoyed meeting the members via video blog!  This week’s featured member is Victoria Fortnum.  She is an intern at both Orange Slyce and Vertical Measures,  so she is fully immersed in the Internet marketing industry on a daily basis.  Victoria attended the Nov. 16 AZIMA event with hopes to learn about the digital news world, as she attended a previous AZIMA event about online reputation management and had some great take-aways from the presentation.

Thanks for attending, Victoria. Hope to see you next month as well!  And hope to see all of you readers at the next social event, featuring David Mihm. The discussion with surround local search.