Guest Post By: Dave Murrow, Content Marketer, Mint Social

Last week, AZIMA members learned about ways to rapidly grow their companies’ blog and brand presence from speaker Marcus Sheridan aka @TheSalesLion in his presentation “7 Ways to Explode Your Company’s Brand through Content Marketing.”

From the start, Sheridan was a ball of energy, moving about the room with effortless charm and sass, engaging AZIMA members by name and seeking insights into how they use blogging, content and social media to make a difference in their business.

Sheridan spoke on his experience as a business owner on how to use content marketing and blogging to catapult a business to greater sales heights. One of Sheridan’s main tips that he shared with the AZIMA audience is to create blog posts based on every question a sales person might get from prospects and customers. As an example, he told of how he started blogging as owner of River Pools & Spas, writing about such subjects like the benefits of fiberglass pools over concrete pools, simply because prospects were asking him this in real life.

When his blog posts on these common question topics started to help his pool company soar to the top of Google rankings for these topics, he knew he was onto something. It’s this kind of content that works, Sheridan told AZIMA members.  Be honest, be transparent, compare products and services in your industry, write about your product’s prices, and most importantly, be a teacher and share your knowledge with people. Good content will just come from that.

Knowing the ‘why’ for companies to create social content for the web is the beginning, Sheridan offered. When your company knows ‘why’ content marketing works, then it’s easy to convince your employees to blog on the company’s behalf. Having them share their own individual knowledge for company blogs adds loads of great content to the company mix.

Sheridan notes at his blog that he’s being asked by people he’s never met for his suggestions on which pool brand they should buy, or which contractor they should work with. That’s content marketing success. Because his pool company blog “talks about subjects that no one else talks about”, like comparing pool brands, comparing companies and talking about pool builder’s best and worst practices, the blog gains traction, link sharing and more.  Once your company is on the track with content marketing, it becomes second nature to become the voice of your industry, and that can only lead to greater success.

Download Marcus Sheridan’s free e-book “Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy” at this link.

3 comments on “Catapult Your Business’s Google Rankings With Inbound and Content Marketing

    Ryan Z. on

    Great post, I feel that good, quality content on any marketing platform is necessary to drive potential leads. As an agent you have to make sure that what you are providing is just as knowledgeable to you, as it is to the people you are going to reach. The more effective your writing, the better ROI you may get. Thanks again for the great post!

    Panama on

    When it comes to content marketing , the advice experts often give is to create remarkable content. Why? Because it attracts readers, shares and, of course, sales. More importantly, remarkable content tends to go viral.

    Michelle D. on

    Great article explaining what content to post on your blog. Understanding that when you post about questions specific to your business, not only does it generate more people coming to your site, but also addresses questions and concerns that can help your clients. Thanks for the informative post!


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