It is my pleasure to introduce to you two brand new members of the AZIMA Board of Directors. Manish Mamnami joins the AZIMA board as a VP of Website, and Laura Jablonski joins the crew as the new VP of Sponsorship.

For the purpose of this introduction, I thought I’d ask each of them a just a couple of  questions intended to provide a bit of an ice breaker.

Elise: What and/or who inspired you to seek a seat on the board?

Manish: We have already been supporting the Website Redesign for past 6 months. Arnie approached me with prospect of joining the Board. Thought it would be a great opportunity to work closely with other Board members to understand and meet AZIMA needs.

Laura: I have been attending AZIMA events since the beginning and have really been impressed with the variety of topics and quality of the speakers.  When the opportunity to join the board presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Elise: How long have you been an AZIMA member and/or attending our events?

Manish: Gate6 has been a member a year back and I have been attending the events for past 6 months.

Laura: I have been attending the events since the start and just recently became a member.

Elise: Which, if any social networks do you care to connect with other AZIMA members on?

Manish: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Laura: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn….you name it.

Elise: MAC or PC? Care to elaborate?

Manish: – PC

Laura: Bought a Mac about 6 months ago and can’t believe I lived without it so long.

Elise: What is the primary improvement to AZIMA that you are hoping to accomplish while you are on the Board of Directors.

Manish: Interactive website that effectively addresses needs of various target audience – Members & Sponsors.

Laura: I am responsible for sponsorships, so getting more companies to sponsor AZIMA is an obvious goal.  My hope is also to get more people in the interactive community to attend the events.

Elise: Are you driven by any passions outside of the interactive industry?

Manish: No time for other things! Gate6 has been number 1 passion for years.

Laura: Yes!  Travel is a huge passion of mine.

Thanks so much to both Manish and Laura. Please reach out to them, and welcome them!


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