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AZIMA Communications Committee Wants YOU!

Are you interested in becoming an active part of a local organization that shares your passion for interactive marketing? Looking for somewhere you’ll have the opportunity to learn from peers or a chance to find a mentor? The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association Communications Committee is comprised of a group of individuals that share the same goal; a deep passion for the interactive marketing industry and a deep desire to grow this non-profit organization in the next two years.  Each member of the committee, which is currently lead by the Committee Chair Stephen Heitz, The Director of Interactive Marketing at The Lavidge Co., the Commitee Co-Chair Matt O’Brien the Founder and President of Mint Social and Committee Co-Chair Elise Redin-Cook the Content & Marketing Manager at Vertical Measures includes a total of 5 members and is looking for more!

Why? Its simple, because many hands make light work as well as we love to collaborate on the best ways to improve this organizations communication and marketing in order to better serve our members and sponsors. If you are interested in joining the committee we only ask that you commit to devoting about 2 hours a week to AZIMA related work such as blog post writing, web page copy writing, press release writing and or public relations pitching and social media as well as employing other misc. marketing and communications tactics in order to drive both membership and attendance to our monthly events. If that sounds like you, great! Email us at [email protected] and let us know!