Would you wrap you 4-day old child in foil for a chance to win 10k? Well, one family did and won the grand prize through the facebook fan page for Chipotle Mexican Grill. The contest asked fans to submit a photo of something they love wrapped up like one of their tasty burritos.

With hundreds of entries, the promotion raised over $96k for FamilyFarmed.org, an organization dedicated to expand the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic and environmental health of our communities.

Restaurants thrive on repeat business, but customers increasingly expect more than just good service, food and drinks. They want to be engaged and entertained.

Companies like Chipotle are looking for new ways to reach their target audience every day to keep customers loyal and happy. A photo contest provides the opportunity for a brand to interact with customers on a more relaxed level. Similar applications are developed to increase brand awareness through a simple act of kindness.

To learn more about how companies are reaping the rewards of creating thriving online communities to support their foodie customers, join us at our next AZIMA event. On Tuesday, July 12th, Ty Largo, Principal & Creative Director at UP Agency, a local marketing/PR firm, will moderate a panel of Chef Justin Beckett, owner of Beckett’s Table and Jennifer Granillo, a Regional Marketing Consultant for Chipotle Mexican Grill the last ten years.

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