The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association works tirelessly to serve the AZ interactive marketing community to provide top tier educational and networking opportunities to friends and members and it mostly runs entirely on donations and volunteer power.

The Board of Directors couldn’t accomplish much of anything without the mighty help of its volunteers, who assist with everything from keeping up the AZIMA blog, assist in spreading the word about our events, raise the money, give advice and carry out all the other invaluable tasks it takes to keep things running smoothly.  If you’ve attended one of AZIMA’s monthly social events than you are keenly aware that there is a great deal that goes into getting these events off the ground. Currently the Events & Logistics Chairs are seeking a few good (wo)men to pitch in at these events and support these teams.

If you would like to join this merry band, we invite you to email [email protected] and let us know how you’d be interested in pitching in at the events or preparing for them. We’d love to have you!

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