Author: Morgan Ringwald

I am the Director of Important Stuff at AgencyG, which means I wear a LOT of hats. It also means I have a great ice-breaker when exchanging business cards. I'm a "PR guy" most of the time, but I also jump right into client strategy, graphic design, marketing and, well … other important stuff. My background is in entertainment and lifestyle-based marketing, promotions and communications, making each work day an absolutely thrill. I love the clients with whom I work, and I love having a hand in helping their businesses grow!

Digital Summit Phoenix: March 31-April 1


Interested in learning more about internet business and marketing? If so, attend Digital Summit Phoenix-a new local conference by TechMedia located at the Phoenix Convention Center March 31-April 1.

Digital Summit Phoenix offers the premiere forum on digital strategies with incredible speakers. Over 75 speakers from leading brands will be providing you with the latest digital marketing and business strategies and best practices.

For more information, visit: Digital Summit Phoenix. For a $50 discount, use promo code: AZIMA. Register now.

Thanks to Digital Summit Phoenix, AZIMA has been able to offer two conference passes.
February’s winner of a conference pass: Anthony Nichols, Digital Paid Media Specialist, Ethology.
March’s winner of a conference pass: Katie Stoeller, Project Manager at G/O Digital.