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Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 20

This week’s edition of the Mission to Meet AZIMA Members brings you Liam O’Mahony of the Community Services Department at City of Chandler. He said he keeps coming back to AZIMA events because they are inspiring to him and give him new ideas! Liam considers himself a pretty low-tech guy, but over the past few years he said he has adapted to changes in the tech industry, with help from organizations like AZIMA.

Glad we could help, Liam!

Hope to see you at the next social event — January 11 featuring Tim Ash. His presentation with cover landing page optimization and will be a must-see!  Also, I would like to wish all AZIMA members a Happy New Year!  See you next year — look for me and my flip cam!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 19

Wow– 18 video blogs so far and going strong. This week, I’d like you to meet our 19th featured member:  Greg Head of New Avenue! Greg said he tries to make it to AZIMA as often as possible to network with innovative thinkers.  Also, he said he is impressed with the caliber of speakers AZIMA brings to Phoenix.

Thanks for attending our social events, Greg!  Don’t miss the next one — January 11 featuring Tim Ash. His presentation with cover landing page optimization and you won’t want to miss it!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 18

This week’s Mission to Meet AZIMA Members post features Thomas Ballantyne from Bulwark Pest Control. Ballantyne’s AZIMA story is a bit different.  Though he thoroughly enjoys the speakers and networking AZIMA has to offer, his video interview reveals a bit about a video of his own, filmed at a prior AZIMA event.

Glad your video was successful, Thomas!  Also, thanks for bringing “myth busters” to an AZIMA event.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 15

Wow – my 15th edition of the Mission to Meet AZIMA Members is here.  It has been a great way for me to connect with people at AZIMA’s monthly social events and hopefully you have enjoyed meeting the members via video blog!  This week’s featured member is Victoria Fortnum.  She is an intern at both Orange Slyce and Vertical Measures,  so she is fully immersed in the Internet marketing industry on a daily basis.  Victoria attended the Nov. 16 AZIMA event with hopes to learn about the digital news world, as she attended a previous AZIMA event about online reputation management and had some great take-aways from the presentation.

Thanks for attending, Victoria. Hope to see you next month as well!  And hope to see all of you readers at the next social event, featuring David Mihm. The discussion with surround local search.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 14

At the October AZIMA social event, I had the pleasure of interviewing David DeMar from Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants.  He has been attending AZIMA events since the beginning of 2010 and says the organization fills a void that Phoenix had been lacking.  He also loves to meet new people at each and every event!

Don’t forget about our November social event, next Tuesday!  The discussion will focus on how new media methods are being integrated in a traditional industry right here in Phoenix.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 13

Becca Field, Strategic Account Manager at Republic Media, attends AZIMA events to learn more about SEO!  She was especially excited about the October event featuring Danny Sullivan.

Do you have an interesting AZIMA story you’d like to chair? Find me at the next event!  I’ll be the one holding a flip camera 😉

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 11

Meet Adrian Vender, Account Manager and Technical Implementation Specialist at WebShare LLC.  He likes the networking AZIMA offers and meeting all kinds of professionals in the interactive marketing industry.

I think it’s safe to say that many AZIMA members enjoy the networking portion of the social events.  I do too! In fact, it is what I look forward to most.  Catch you next month at the Nov. 16th event!  Don’t forget – the event is the third Tuesday of the month this time around!