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Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 3

The third installment of the “Mission to Meet AZIMA Members” series features Amy Linert from McMurry. Linert said she likes to attend AZIMA events to share case studies and information with other experts in the industry. She also said McMurry actively recruits at AZIMA events. Check it out for yourself in this short video!

Don’t forget about AZIMA’s August event tomorrow, August 10 at 6 p.m. at the Scottsdale Hilton. The discussion led by Chuck Reynolds and Mat Siltala will be about local search and review sites. Hope to see you there! And hope to catch some of you with my Flip cam.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 2

If you missed my last post, I have made a pledge to myself to meet a few different people at each AZIMA event.  In the process, I hope to someday be connected with each member and find out what drew them to joining AZIMA or attending that specific event.

This week’s featured AZIMA member is Adam Ayers from Arkayne.

See you all August 10th at the Scottsdale Hilton!  Before we discuss local search with Chuck Reynolds (@chuckreynolds) and Mat Siltala (@Mat_Siltala), look for me with my Flip camera and say hello!