Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 7

Wow, I can’t believe this is the seventh edition of my Mission to Meet AZIMA Members series.  I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am!

This week, I am pleased to introduce you to Ethan Mowery, a “self proclaimed Internet guru.”  He is the Director of Online Advertising for Orange Slyce, as well as freelance web consultant and designer.  He said he was excited to attend AZIMA events to meet others in the industry and learn from them.

Check out Ethan’s online portfolio to see some of his work!

Also, don’t forget about the upcoming AZIMA event on September 14th to learn about how social media is being integrated into political campaigns.  See you there, and hope to catch you with my flip cam!

Getting Political with Social Media

Social media is used as a marketing strategy by businesses across the world.  Everyone is on Twitter and Facebook these days, and if you’re not, you’re surely missing out on making connections and developing relationships with millions of people.  Personally, I use social media to connect with others in my industry, keep up popular brands, get breaking news and track the setlists of my favorite bands. And recently, I have noticed an influx of political figures using social media.

Jeremy Vaught

Social media is used in all sorts of promotions, so why not political campaigns?  Sites like Twitter and Facebook are used constantly throughout the day by millions of people who are open to connecting with others.  People often get breaking news via social media.  In fact, CNN has more than a million followers on Twitter.  It makes sense that political figures would be represented on social media sites, though I assume the tactics used in a political campaign may be different than a brands promotion of a new product.  With politics, there are reputations to protect, and very high profile reputations at that.

Kevin Spidel

Luckily, AZIMA has given me a chance to learn about social media use in political campaigns this September.  On Tuesday, September 14, two local experts will share their experiences with social media in politics.  Republican Jeremy Vaught is the Web Strategist for John McCain’s 2010 campaign and Democrat Kevin Spidel has worked in a variety of political campaigns and international advocacy organizations.  Join me at the event and learn more about social media.  Register today!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 6

The sixth edition of Mission to Meet AZIMA Members video series features Cory Howell of MorePro Marketing.  Howell, interested in local search sites, said he was looking forward to meeting other Phoenix professionals and looking forward to the presentation.

What do you think of the video series? Is it helpful to put names to faces in our industry? Personally, I am having a great time talking to and getting to know AZIMA members. See you September 14th!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 5

I know you’re all dying to meet this week’s featured AZIMA member, but I’m sure most of you already know him! At the August 10th social event, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Siltala before he spoke about local search sites to the group.   Siltala is one of the founders of Dream Systems Media and has been involved in the Internet marketing world for many years.  He knows a ton about SEO and is a Yelp-lover too!

In addition to being an SEO fanatic, Siltala is a big Arizona Cardinals fan, so we decided to ask him about his predictions for this season as well 😉

Also, for the record, my friend and co-worker Michael Schwartz has volunteered to help me with the Mission to Meet AZIMA Members video series.  We look forward to meeting some of you next month on September 14th to discuss social media and politics.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 3

The third installment of the “Mission to Meet AZIMA Members” series features Amy Linert from McMurry. Linert said she likes to attend AZIMA events to share case studies and information with other experts in the industry. She also said McMurry actively recruits at AZIMA events. Check it out for yourself in this short video!

Don’t forget about AZIMA’s August event tomorrow, August 10 at 6 p.m. at the Scottsdale Hilton. The discussion led by Chuck Reynolds and Mat Siltala will be about local search and review sites. Hope to see you there! And hope to catch some of you with my Flip cam.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 2

If you missed my last post, I have made a pledge to myself to meet a few different people at each AZIMA event.  In the process, I hope to someday be connected with each member and find out what drew them to joining AZIMA or attending that specific event.

This week’s featured AZIMA member is Adam Ayers from Arkayne.

See you all August 10th at the Scottsdale Hilton!  Before we discuss local search with Chuck Reynolds (@chuckreynolds) and Mat Siltala (@Mat_Siltala), look for me with my Flip camera and say hello!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members

Every month at AZIMA I make it a point to meet a few new people in the interactive marketing industry. Each time, I find myself asking them what brought them to AZIMA in the first place! So I’ve decided to video interview these people about why they joined the group and I’d like to share my findings with the rest of you. Every week we will feature a new short video interview so we can get to know others in the association and why they attend the monthly meet-ups.

This week, I’d like you all to meet Sean Coleman, CEO and founder of Orange Slyce, a job board exclusively for Phoenix small businesses and college students.

Keep an eye out for me, and tell your AZIMA story at the next AZIMA monthly social event “Local Search & Review Sites“: featuring Chuck Reynolds & Mat Siltala on August 10th, 2010!

New Website for AZIMA Announced at Monthly Social Event

Guest Post By: Andrea Spahn-McGraw

Members and attendees of AZIMA gathered for the first monthly event at our new home, the Hilton Scottsdale Resort.  However, that wasn’t the only first of the evening.  Arnie Kuenn, Board President of AZIMA, announced to everyone that it was also AZIMA’s first anniversary!  The Interactive Marketing Association also formally launched their new and improved website designed as a donation from Gate6. The new site offers many benefits! AZIMA has come a long way in one year, with over 90 members and becoming one of the leading authorities in the Valley on interactive marketing, networking and resources. Happy Birthday!  We look forward to many more anniversaries to come.

The July event incorporated a new format, comprised of a panel of interactive marketing experts that provided evaluation, critique, and analysis for local small business websites.  The lucky two winners (who were chosen from many online submissions) were: GiftIdeas.com and  Wingstofly.com.  Not only did the panelists provide their expert evaluations during the event, they also had their suggestions and advice in a written document for the website owners to take home and reference later.  It was a great resource, and an impactful way to help grow local businesses.  Thank you to all that applied!

Join AZIMA in August, when Chuck Reynolds and Mat Siltala help us grow our businesses using local search and review sites.  See you then!

AZIMA Reduces Student Event Pricing

As the Phoenix summer heat rises into the hundreds, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association strives to take the heat off by reducing its monthly signature social events pricing for students. These social events offer both education and unique networking opportunities for students in Phoenix and the greater metropolitan area who are studying business, marketing, and technology and are interested in entering the digital marketing field post-graduation. The association’s VP of Academics, Jeff Walters, has made it his mission since becoming a founding member of AZIMA in 2009 to ensure that the Valley’s promising students are included and encouraged to attend the monthly events.

All students have received the added benefit of member pricing in the past year, but the association is now providing further student-only discounts. Students will now receive an additional $10 discount on events, allowing them to attend events for only $25. This is a fantastic deal, since events include a light dinner, a beverage, and a full hour of networking as well as a variety of presentations from industry leaders and power-players on key topics at the center of industry growth. In fact, there are still seats available for the AZIMA’s upcoming event on July 13th, Expert Site Reviews where live on-site reviews will be held free of charge and students are welcome to start saving now!

Make a Reputation for Yourself Before Your Reputation Makes You

Guest Post By:  Abby Gilmore is an internet marketing intern at Vertical Measures with special interests in social media internet marketing.  She also blogs for AZPRC and can be found on Twitter @abbygilmore.

Most of us in the interactive marketing or public relations field probably understand the importance of having a good reputation.  But have you thought specifically about your online presence?  The June AZIMA event focused on online reputation management, featuring words from Fionn Downhill from Elixir Interactive, Tom Biro from Allison & Partners and Clark Porter from Osborn Maledon.

With a background in public relations and current interest in Internet marketing, I got a lot out of the presentation because it spanned across both fields.  Making and maintaining an online reputation for yourself or your brand is an important factor in success in any field, really. If there is something negative attached to your brand that comes up in the first page of Google, you better believe people will take note of it.  Luckily I picked up some tips on preserving a positive reputation from this month’s panel of speakers.

  • As Downhill said, “Take care of your reputation before there is a problem.”  She stressed the importance of having a positive reputation so that in case a crisis happens, you have a better chance of controlling your image.
  • “Be proactive, not reactive,” according to Downhill.  As 80 percent of employers check future employees’ online presence on Google, it is extremely important to build a name for yourself online.
  • Biro emphasized the importance of embracing the online world in public relations and when building your brand.  “The secret sauce that once had three ingredients now has 1,000, and tomorrow it might have 1,100,” he said of the way of public relations.  We should all recognize the opportunities that interactive and online marketing offer.
  • Brio also said to be careful of what you say in public, since it will affect your brand one way or another.  He said, “Don’t say anything online or in public that you don’t want to follow you around forever.”  Whatever you do or say publicly can be held against you, and Google takes no prisoners.
  • And unfortunately, there could be times where your name or your brand’s name is associated with something negative.  If it is instigated by someone else, be it a competitor or just a mean person, you must take care of it.  The best way to do that, said Porter, is the nice way.
  • Last but definitely not least, use social media to make your reputation.  You can add links to your social media profiles and build relationships with people, which can both be positive for you and your reputation.  Though some people are scared of the social media phenomenon, they should learn to embrace it and let it help build their brand’s character.

Building and maintaining an online reputation can take time, but in the end, it will be worth it.  And remember, as Biro said, “not everyone can do everything,” in regards to make a name for yourself online, but you have to start somewhere.