AZIMA Communications Committee Wants YOU!

Are you interested in becoming an active part of a local organization that shares your passion for interactive marketing? Looking for somewhere you’ll have the opportunity to learn from peers or a chance to find a mentor? The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association Communications Committee is comprised of a group of individuals that share the same goal; a deep passion for the interactive marketing industry and a deep desire to grow this non-profit organization in the next two years.  Each member of the committee, which is currently lead by the Committee Chair Stephen Heitz, The Director of Interactive Marketing at The Lavidge Co., the Commitee Co-Chair Matt O’Brien the Founder and President of Mint Social and Committee Co-Chair Elise Redin-Cook the Content & Marketing Manager at Vertical Measures includes a total of 5 members and is looking for more!

Why? Its simple, because many hands make light work as well as we love to collaborate on the best ways to improve this organizations communication and marketing in order to better serve our members and sponsors. If you are interested in joining the committee we only ask that you commit to devoting about 2 hours a week to AZIMA related work such as blog post writing, web page copy writing, press release writing and or public relations pitching and social media as well as employing other misc. marketing and communications tactics in order to drive both membership and attendance to our monthly events. If that sounds like you, great! Email us at [email protected] and let us know!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 31

This week, I’d like you to meet Rita Rabbani of the Phoenix Suns. Rita is a loyal AZIMA member, attending events for more than a year! She keeps coming back because of the great company and all of the knowledgeable speakers.

Thanks for being so loyal, Rita! Don’t forget to register for Online Marketing Summit in Phoenix June 15-17! Register with promo code IMA15AZ, as a friend of AZIMA and  save 15 percent!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 27

This Friday I would like you to meet AZ Lacey French Brown of Agency Side.  Lacey said she loves AZIMA events for all the networking opportunities!  Glad to meet you, Lacey, and hope to see you next week!

It’s almost that time again – time for AZIMA’s monthly social event!  David Szetala will be talking Pay Per Click marketing next Tuesday, March 8th. Register today! Hope to see you there!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 24

TGIF! It’s Mission to Meet AZIMA members time. And this week, it’s Sonia Bradley Gleason’s time to shine! Sonia, who works at azcentral.com, she said enjoys attending AZIMA events to network and socialize with other industry professionals.  Also, she loves to learn best practices in the industry and learn trends at the forefront of the interactive marketing space.

Glad you enjoy the events, Sonia! Hope to see you next week at AZIMA’s monthly social event featuring Joe Pulizzi!  And don’t forget, for an added bonus, AZIMA is now offering VIP tickets, which give you the chance to be seated as his table! For details on printing VIP wristbands and tickets contact [email protected].

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 22

This week I’d like you to meet Sheila Kloefkorn of KEO Marketing! KEO Marketing is a long time sponsor of AZIMA, with good reason, Sheila said.  She said she feels it is the best place to learn anything interactive marketing.  Also, she said she loves the diversity of topics and speakers at each event.

Nice to meet you, Sheila.  See you at next month’s event featuring Joe Pulizzi.  The discussion will focus on content marketing!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 11

Meet Adrian Vender, Account Manager and Technical Implementation Specialist at WebShare LLC.  He likes the networking AZIMA offers and meeting all kinds of professionals in the interactive marketing industry.

I think it’s safe to say that many AZIMA members enjoy the networking portion of the social events.  I do too! In fact, it is what I look forward to most.  Catch you next month at the Nov. 16th event!  Don’t forget – the event is the third Tuesday of the month this time around!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 10

Can’t believe this is the 10th edition of my mission! I’ve met some great people along the way, and I am looking forward to meeting even more.  And, the tables will be turning soon, as someone will be interviewing me about my AZIMA experience.

This week featured AZIMA member is John Wolfe!  John manages his own blog where he discusses social media, public relations and digital media.  He loves to expand his network, as he attends local events as much as he can!

He said he loves AZIMA events because of the caliber of presenters and attendees, and the food isn’t bad either! 😉  Also, by attending monthly social events, John said he stays up to speed in all that is going on in the interactive marketing industry.

Who is excited to hear Danny Sullivan‘s presentation Oct. 12?  I know I am!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: Part 8

It seems like it has been awhile since the last Mission to Meet AZIMA Members post, but the wait is finally over!  This week, I’d like to introduce you to Jim Lupkin, Co-Founder and Social Media Director at WeBuildYourSocialMedia.com.  He heard about the Social Media and Politics event with Kevin Spidel and Jeremy Vaught and decided to attend an AZIMA event for the first time.  We’re glad to have you, Jim!

Hopefully Jim will join us next month for the October 12 social event, where we will be discussing Search Marketing with Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief at Search Engine Land.   You should too!  See you there.

Get to Know Jeremy Vaught & Kevin Spidel

If you haven’t registered yet for tomorrow night’s monthly AZIMA Social Event you better get to it! The event is shaping up very nicely! Right on the heels of the August 24 Primary Jeremy Vaught (Republican) and Kevin Spidel (Democrat) will talk about how Social Media is being used in political campaigns. The event is going to be set up as if it is a political debate and promises to be both informative and entertaining! In preperation for the event, I thought I’d needle our two presenters with some quick questions so that we can all get to know them just a bit better.

Quick Interview with Jeremy Vaught:

Elise Redlin-Cook: How did you first learn of AZIMA?

Jeremy Vaught: I’m pretty sure it was Twitter. I had seen it here and there, but I really took a look last year when Pam Slim was the speaker. She is one of my favorite people.

Elise: What inspired you to become involved in politics?

Jeremy: To make a difference. I’ve always been very interested in watching politicians and following along with what is happening. But at some point, I decided that simply voting wasn’t enough.

Elise: How long have you been an AZIMA member and/or attending our events?

Jeremy: Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve never actually attended an event. There have been a few time I’ve thought about it, but I’m on the West side so it is always a trek.

Elise: LOL, I understand! So which, if any social networks do you care to connect with others on?

Jeremy: I am most active on the biggies Facebook (facebook.com/jeremyvaught), Twitter (facebook.com/jeremyvaught), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyvaught) I’m also connecting on my blogs, jeremyvaught.com and my new one intentional.ly. But I pretty much connect everywhere.

Elise: MAC or PC? Care to elaborate?

Jeremy: This past February I just bought my first MacBook Pro. Before that I was on Linux since the early 2000’s. Linux is fantastic, but Mac people are so fanatical, I had to see what all the hype is about. And honestly, I love it. It has a lot of the advantages of Linux, with none of the many detriments of Windows.

Elise: Nice, and are you driven by any passions outside of social media marketing?

Jeremy: Absolutely! My family, building my business, politics of course, and continual self-improvement.

Elise: Are you working on any interesting projects that you’d like to tell us about?

Jeremy: Outside of Web Strategy for John McCain, Kevin and I started a new podcast at PoliTechs.TV that I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. And in addition to my consulting business, Vaught Consulting, I’m starting red7squared which is going to be a Software-as-a-Service suite of tools that I’ve written for use on the McCain campaign, and more going forward.

Quick Interview with Kevin Spidel:

Elise Redlin-Cook: How did you first learn of AZIMA?

Kevin Spidel: From a friend who is also very involved in the interactive community @BrianShaler.

Elise: So, What inspired you to become involved in politics?

Kevin: When I was young (1994) I was impacted by the fact that the news media cared more about affairs of a President and an intern then that of a Genocide happening in Africa (Rwanda.) I was appalled and sought out communities doing something about the genocide. I found Amnesty International. During my activism, I found out that change cannot happen here at home without local elected leaders that are doing something. I began getting involved in local campaigns at the age of 18.

Elise: How long have you been an AZIMA member and/or attending our events?

Kevin:For a few months now, and am proud to be part of GannettLocal who is a sponsor of AZIMA.

Elise: Which, if any social networks do you care to connect with others on?

Kevin: I tend to focus more on LinkedIn and Twitter

Elise: Me too. So how about it, MAC or PC? Care to elaborate?

Kevin: PC by design. Secret MAC lover, but never made the conversion plunge.

Elise: Haha, you’ll never go back 😉 Are you driven by any passions outside of social media marketing?

Kevin: Building community is one of my core passions. Online or offline. Social and professionally.

Elise: Are you working on any interesting projects that you’d like to tell us about?

Kevin: Currently I am working on www.voicesofarizona.com which is a free speech community forum for voices within Arizona to discuss issues of the day and to celebrate respectful discourse and the diversity of opinion. Jeremy Vaught and I have started a podcast called PoliTechs.TV which focuses on new media within the political space. I am also working as the Community Architect for a startup division of Gannett focused on localized multimedia marketing for small and medium sized businesses called GannettLocal.

My thanks goes out to both Jeremy and Kevin for taking the time for us to get to know them and I am excited to see them at tomorrow’s AZIMA event “Social Media and Politics” , at the Scottsdale Hilton 6:00 p.m!  I hope to see you there!