Guest Post By: Rita Rabbani is a media buyer with When she’s not driving traffic to SheKnows or managing link building initiatives, she’s glued to Bravo reality shows or in downward dog at yoga class.

Beware…internet marketing will bring out the inner-nerd in you, guaranteed. Yes, I said nerd not dork, geek or even techie. I mean full on mega nerd. Didn’t happen to you? Well, it certainly happened to me. There was a day when all I knew regarding internet marketing was that there was a “thing” called SEO. Fast forward to over 2 years in the industry, and I am a full-fledged, self-proclaimed internet marketing nerd who begins a dinner conversation with, “OMG! Guess what I heard on the news today? BP bought as many oil keywords as possible in Google in an attempt to save face!” Who says that this news headline or even the latest Google AdWords update isn’t a date-approved topic of conversation?

What is most interesting to me about internet marketing is that it is unquestionably relevant to everyday life. Whether it is to develop strategies in order to sway the public’s beliefs regarding the oil disaster in the Gulf or which Bravo Real Housewife of NYC is the most popular (cough…Jill Zarin…cough), internet marketing is prevalent in everyday modern life. It doesn’t matter if you are the Internet surfer creating search trends or the link builder taking advantage of these terms to build his or her website’s SEO. We all influence internet marketing whether we accept it or not. Bring me someone who has never “Googled” something. I can’t even begin to name another field that is responsible for creating a new word in the English language that is used by people in every field! Everyone on the planet is affected by Internet marketing. I find this absolutely fascinating. Big news like, “Matt Cutts says that it’s okay to freely link out and share your website’s ‘link juice’ with other sites!” opens my mind to so many more possibilities as they are simply endless. I believe that Internet marketing is easily the most influential field of the decade. While I may be a self-proclaimed Internet marketing nerd, I bet other people go home at night and discuss how Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet platforms. affected their lives, too!

Rewind to 10 years ago when I was in school dreaming of being a mystery author or editor-in-chief for a fashion magazine, I would have rather died than think that my future was becoming a self-proclaimed Internet marketing nerd. However, I’ve come to embrace this. Internet marketing is a part of me; and all friends, family and future dates beware…some form of SEO or PPC is guaranteed to be the next topic of conversation.

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