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How to Get the Most out of Online Video

Guest Post: Submitted by Gate6

These days, video is an incredibly popular way to promote a brand, drive web traffic, educate an audience on a subject and benefit your SEO.  YouTube has become a phenomenon in and of itself with many of its videos going viral – becoming extremely popular in a very short period of time.  And Forrester Research recently reported that videos are roughly 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking on Google.  Clearly, it makes good business sense to capitalize on this hip medium, but how do you know what to do and what to avoid?  These expert recommendations will help you create videos that make a big impact.

Choose the Right Title

The title of your video seems very obvious and basic, but it’s a critical element and should not be taken lightly.  Make your title interesting, engaging and specific so people actually want to watch the video.  For example, if your video teaches viewers how to train a dog to sit, instead of naming it “Dog Training 101,” you’d be better off naming it “How to Teach Your Dog to Sit in Five Minutes or Less.”  Be as enticing and specific as possible.  A video named “Top 3 Secrets to Building Better Websites” is more likely to be clicked on and watched than a video titled “Website Design Fundamentals.”  Your title, in addition to being engaging and motivating, should also contain the keywords that people are likely to be searching.  Come up with a catchy, keyword-rich title for your video and you’ll vastly increase your viewership and success rate.

Make it Creative and Original

These days, people expect videos to be unique, fun, funny, entertaining, exciting, controversial, thought-provoking or somehow outside the box.  No one wants to watch a talking head on a screen drone on about some topic or watch a flat PowerPoint slideshow set to bland music.  Figure out what you want to tell people, and then come up with an original video idea to powerfully deliver your message.  Once you have a basic concept, continue to brainstorm ways to make it even more unique and compelling.  Ask yourself if people will really want to watch a video like this.  Spend time watching successful, extremely popular videos on the internet.  Be sure you devote plenty of time to your video concept and be as creative as possible to ensure the highest level of success.

Tell Viewers What You Want Them to Do

Many videos (and many marketing attempts in general) forget to tell the viewer what to do after they watch the video.  So they watched your 90-second dog-training video on Vimeo, now what do you want them to do?  Share it on Facebook?  Tweet it?  Post a comment?  Call your office for a free quote?  Visit your blog?  Take an online quiz?  Successful online videos always end with a clear and strong call to action that encourages the viewer to continue engaging with the brand.  Your call to action at the end of your video is a tremendous marketing opportunity so be sure to include it.

Video is a fantastic, fast-growing digital medium that can help you increase brand awareness and connect with your target market.  Incorporating these three critical elements will help you get the most out of your online video efforts.

AZIMA Reduces Student Event Pricing

As the Phoenix summer heat rises into the hundreds, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association strives to take the heat off by reducing its monthly signature social events pricing for students. These social events offer both education and unique networking opportunities for students in Phoenix and the greater metropolitan area who are studying business, marketing, and technology and are interested in entering the digital marketing field post-graduation. The association’s VP of Academics, Jeff Walters, has made it his mission since becoming a founding member of AZIMA in 2009 to ensure that the Valley’s promising students are included and encouraged to attend the monthly events.

All students have received the added benefit of member pricing in the past year, but the association is now providing further student-only discounts. Students will now receive an additional $10 discount on events, allowing them to attend events for only $25. This is a fantastic deal, since events include a light dinner, a beverage, and a full hour of networking as well as a variety of presentations from industry leaders and power-players on key topics at the center of industry growth. In fact, there are still seats available for the AZIMA’s upcoming event on July 13th, Expert Site Reviews where live on-site reviews will be held free of charge and students are welcome to start saving now!

AZIMA Monthly Events Move to the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas

The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association, the Phoenix area interactive marketing association, is renowned for providing top notch educational and social events. At these functions, the association’s growing membership and aggregation of friends gathers to learn about the industry and to network with others in the field. The association has a fantastic lineup for the remainder of its 2010 programming and is proud to be able to continue providing opportunities to the Valley’s growing interactive marketing industry.  AZIMA is also pleased to announce that the next 12 months of programming will be held in the beautiful Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas hotel in Scottsdale, which offers impeccable accommodations in a beautiful resort-style setting.

Chris Bird, VP of Programming for the Association, announced the change of venue to the association’s membership at its recent June event, remarking, “This new venue will allow us to get back to basics and offer our existing and new members an experience they will appreciate without restrictions and with the ability to enjoy the added catering benefits, better access to Wi-Fi, and new spacious ballrooms that the Hilton has offered.”

The upcoming event “Expert Site Evaluations” on Tuesday the 13th of July will be held at the new Hilton event space located at 6333 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States 85250 as well as the remaining 2010 AZIMA programs. We hope to see you there, you can register now!

Internet Marketing Will Bring Out the Inner-nerd in You, Guaranteed.

Guest Post By: Rita Rabbani is a media buyer with When she’s not driving traffic to SheKnows or managing link building initiatives, she’s glued to Bravo reality shows or in downward dog at yoga class.

Beware…internet marketing will bring out the inner-nerd in you, guaranteed. Yes, I said nerd not dork, geek or even techie. I mean full on mega nerd. Didn’t happen to you? Well, it certainly happened to me. There was a day when all I knew regarding internet marketing was that there was a “thing” called SEO. Fast forward to over 2 years in the industry, and I am a full-fledged, self-proclaimed internet marketing nerd who begins a dinner conversation with, “OMG! Guess what I heard on the news today? BP bought as many oil keywords as possible in Google in an attempt to save face!” Who says that this news headline or even the latest Google AdWords update isn’t a date-approved topic of conversation?

What is most interesting to me about internet marketing is that it is unquestionably relevant to everyday life. Whether it is to develop strategies in order to sway the public’s beliefs regarding the oil disaster in the Gulf or which Bravo Real Housewife of NYC is the most popular (cough…Jill Zarin…cough), internet marketing is prevalent in everyday modern life. It doesn’t matter if you are the Internet surfer creating search trends or the link builder taking advantage of these terms to build his or her website’s SEO. We all influence internet marketing whether we accept it or not. Bring me someone who has never “Googled” something. I can’t even begin to name another field that is responsible for creating a new word in the English language that is used by people in every field! Everyone on the planet is affected by Internet marketing. I find this absolutely fascinating. Big news like, “Matt Cutts says that it’s okay to freely link out and share your website’s ‘link juice’ with other sites!” opens my mind to so many more possibilities as they are simply endless. I believe that Internet marketing is easily the most influential field of the decade. While I may be a self-proclaimed Internet marketing nerd, I bet other people go home at night and discuss how Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet platforms. affected their lives, too!

Rewind to 10 years ago when I was in school dreaming of being a mystery author or editor-in-chief for a fashion magazine, I would have rather died than think that my future was becoming a self-proclaimed Internet marketing nerd. However, I’ve come to embrace this. Internet marketing is a part of me; and all friends, family and future dates beware…some form of SEO or PPC is guaranteed to be the next topic of conversation.

AZIMA Academic Outreach Invites You to Attend NetWORKS

NetWORKS is designed to:

  • Connect your company with MBA talent to fill current job and internship openings.
  • Engage in business-to-business networking and hear briefly from our new Director of Career Management and Associate Dean, W. P. Carey MBA, Beth Walker.

Attendees will primary include first and second year MBA students from the #20 nationally ranked Evening Program seeking full-time opportunities and internships that require a college degree.  The format is relaxed and interactive, allowing time to talk personally with students about your organization.

Our Working Professional MBA students showcase a broad range of industry experience, including: Aerospace & Defense; Financial Services & Banking; Healthcare; Education; Business Services; Computer Hardware; Real Estate/Construction; Manufacturing; Energy and more.

We are pleased to offer NetWORKS at no charge.  Read on for how to register!

NetWORKS: Connecting Companies to MBA Talent

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 – The University Club

4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Employer Reception and Introduction to Director of Career Management and

Associate Dean, W. P. Carey MBA, Beth Walker

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

NetWORKing time with first and second year MBA students and alumni

Location and Map:

The University Club, 425 East University Drive, Tempe, 85281

Parking and Map:

Parking is available on the east side of the University Club and is limited to 55 spaces.  Additional parking is located at the ASU Fulton Center parking structure located just north of University Drive on College Avenue.

To keep the focus on personal interactions between you and student participants, you need only bring your business cards and one marketing piece, such as a brochure.  We will provide signage for your table and name badges.

Register for NetWORKS: Connecting Companies to MBA Talent

We hope you will join us Wednesday, June 9.  Thank you for supporting W. P. Carey MBA programs and students.

AZIMA Presenter’s Thank You Gift Sponsor

Those of you that attended the last AZIMA signature social event at Tempe Mission Palms may remember the lovely gift of deliciously decadent treats that was bestowed upon our presenter as a thank you gift for their generous contribution. We do greatly appreciate the time and hard work that was donated to us by all of our presenters thus far and we are also extremely pleased to have the pleasure to have received a very gracious offer from our friends at Fairytale Brownies to continue to provide these lovely thank you gifts to our presenters on our behalf for the remainder of the entire year.

If you haven’t taken a look of the fantastic array of specialty desert baskets that they offer, it is about time that you did. You can also connect with them on facebook and twitter!

AZIMA Member Guest Blogging Opportunities

We, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association, take great pride in the fact that we are one of the places Arizonans turn to first for interactive marketing education and networking. We are constantly striving to provide our members with leading edge online marketing strategies, tactics, and creative executions.

As our membership has grown in the past year, we have been extremely impressed with the caliber of expertise that resides right here within our association and we have decided to open this blog up to all of you. We would like to put our members right here in the drivers’ seat with us (the Board of Directors of AZIMA) and offer another added benefit for our valued members. We would like to provide yet another place for you to share information with your friends and colleagues in the ever advancing interactive marketing community that is thriving here in Arizona.

As most of you are already aware, guest blogging is a great opportunity to share your industry specific knowledge with a wider audience, helps expand your online presence and brand,  and is also a great way to get a link back to your personal or business website. AZIMA invites you to submit your interesting blog content piece to us for review and possible placement right here on the AZIMA blog. If you are already a member, it’s simply, just e-mail us at admin{at} with what topic are you are skilled at writing on? We’d love to hear from you! If you aren’t yet a member, what are you waiting for? Join today!

OMSPHX 30% Discount for AZIMA Ends Sunday May 9th, 2010

I am sure that you’ve heard by now that the Online Marketing Summit 23-City Tour kicks off in Phoenix on May 20.  This is your chance to learn best practices and actionable strategies from the nation’s best online marketing professionals and practitioners. Connect with hundreds of your local marketing peers to learn, network and share ideas.

Join us for NEW B2B and B2C case studies and social media integration tracks, unparalleled networking opportunities, and an exclusive “Social Media and Content Marketing Workshop and Breakfast”, brought to you by the Online Marketing Institute and Wharton Interactive Media Initiative. Learn integrated marketing and search engine optimization strategies from leading experts in the field such as Intuit and Elixir Interactive.

**Register by this Sunday May 9th to take advantage of a special AZIMA early-bird discount. Save 30% when you sign up for the full-day OMS Phoenix event.

Register with discount code: AZIMA

DATE: May 20, 2010, 7 am – 5:30 pm

PROGRAM : The Online Marketing Summit (OMS)

Launch of 23-city North American Tour

OVERVIEW: Across the continent, thousands of online marketing professionals will attend the 2010 OMS 23-city tour, the only conference tour solely dedicated to online marketing education – in an environment free from exhibit booths and sales pitches.

Covering the topics of Social Media, Search, Email, Demand Generation, Analytics, Usability and Integrated Marketing, the OMS 2010 Tour offers attendees the opportunity to learn actionable best practices, strategies and tactics from leading authors, academics, brand marketers and online pioneers.

Case studies, personalized one-on-one labs, panel discussions, advanced tactics roundtables, and networking events present OMS attendees with countless options to learn without the distractions of vendor sales people.

LOCATION: Downtown Sheraton,340 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

PRICE: All Day Pass – $369

Social Media & Content Strategy Workshop and Breakfast – $99

* AZIMA Members – Pre-register before May 9 and receive 30% off your full-day OMS admission.

** AZIMA Members – Pre-register between May 10 – May 20 and receive 20% off your full-day OMS admission.


Personalize Your Online Content with Video

Guest Post By Member: Andre Willis

Webinar: Leveraging the Latest Tools for Effectively Creating, Marketing and Distributing Media Content on 4/21/2010

Most of us have likely heard the phrase “content is king” in regard to online marketing.  The April AZIMA webinar featured digital media content creation and distribution tips from Chance Carpenter, Founder of Essential Event Technologies, and Matt O’Brien, Founder of Mint Social. These two have more than 20 years combined experience in digital media production, and demystified online video for us.

Carpenter and O’Brien cautioned that online video isn’t right for every business. Can you provide valuable content to your audience? More importantly, who will deliver your message? Useful content plus a highly-respected and/or dynamic personality is the key to creating memorable, engaging videos. The majority of today’s web traffic (approximately 75%) targets interactive content, not dull, static web pages.

Getting started with online video doesn’t have to be an expensive process. Flip cameras and high-definition camcorders can be purchased for less than $200. Editing software is included free with most computer operating systems. Consider investing in a tripod for better camera stability.  Additional microphones may be necessary, and be aware of your lighting. What good is a video if the audience can’t hear or see the speaker?

Carpenter and O’Brien also provided a rundown of video hosting sites, live-streaming services and web-based collaboration tools.  The options are plentiful, so don’t be afraid to research and test them all. Lastly, it’s important to know when to seek out the services of professionals who can help optimize your video content.

[Check out this webinar now!]

Welcome to the 2010 AZIMA Board of Directors

It is my pleasure to introduce to you two brand new members of the AZIMA Board Members, Bill Swartz joins the AZIMA Board of Director’s as the VP of Sponsorship, and Jeff Hecht joins the crew as the new VP of Public Relations. I’d like to wish them well in their new leadership roles. For the purpose of this introduction, I thought I’d ask each of them a few questions intended to provide a bit of an ice breaker.

Meet Bill Swartz, VP of Sponsorship

Elise Redlin-Cook: What and/or who inspired you to seek a seat on the board?

Bill Swartz: I have admired AZIMA right from the start. I love the way the organization has a warm personality and welcoming mood, while still delivering great events with great content! Mike Wolf reached out to me and indicated there might be an opportunity to take a seat on the Board if I was willing to do some heavy lifting by taking the Sponsorship effort to the next level after the great job that has been done to date totally setting that whole piece up. I jumped at the opportunity!

Elise: How long have you been an AZIMA member and/or attending our events?

Bill: I have attended events as regularly as my schedule would allow right from the kickoff forward.

Elise: Which, if any social networks do you care to connect with other AZIMA members on?

Bill: I am a total Facebook addict (, a big LinkedIn user ([email protected]), and a moderate user of twitter (@billswartz).

Elise: MAC or PC? Care to elaborate?

Bill: Mac since the beginning of time. Cause I’m cool like that. Nuff said?  :)

Elise: Are you driven by any passions outside of the interactive industry?

Bill: I’m driven by a passion to give positive energy, encourage personal transformation, and to learn as much as I can about things outside my usual daily experience. I am an avid (daily) hiker of Piestewa Peak (I run the Piestewa Peak Facebook group), and an avid practitioner of yoga (my fave instructor is Alex Austin, At One Yoga).

Meet Jeff Hecht, VP of Marketing & PR

Elise Redlin-Cook: What and/or who inspired you to seek a seat on the board?

Jeff Hecht: My dear friend Becky Seymann got me involved at the registration table at AZIMA events, but the amazing people I have met and the interesting programs have kept me coming back again and again, and wanting to help out however possible.

Elise: How long have you been an AZIMA member and/or attending our events?

Jeff: I’ve been an active attendee since August (the Facebook event) of last year…

Elise: Which, if any social networks do you care to connect with other AZIMA members on?

Jeff: I have kept contact with AZIMA members through Facebook ( and Twitter (@jeffhechtaz), and what I consider to be the most important, in real life.  Lunch or happy hours with my AZIMA friends is the best!

Elise: MAC or PC? Care to elaborate?

Jeff: PC, although I may be re-evaluating this soon… :)

Elise: Are you driven by any passions outside of the interactive industry?

Jeff: As a PR practitioner, I am certainly interested in topics relevant to my field of expertise, including crisis communications and message and brand management.  On a personal note, I am a sports fan (Redskins football and Coyotes hockey are at the top of my list), all things 70s and 80s, Howard Stern, and traveling whenever possible.

I would like urge all AZIMA members and supporters to say hello to our new Board of Directors!