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Sept 2013 Event Recap – Email in an Increasingly Mobile and Social World

DSC_6429 DSC_6391 DSC_6384 DSC_6379More than 70 guests attended the Sept. 19 Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) event, “Email in an Increasingly Mobile and Social World,” presented by Chris Sietsema, owner of Teach to Fish Digital, at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas.

Chris delved right into real-life examples of email campaigns, critiquing well-known brands and pointing out how images loaded differently on computers and mobile devices. We especially liked how he sprinkled in his great sense of humor as he critiqued each brand.

It was clear that email marketers need to “adapt or die” and consider this sobering stat:

  •  80 percent of people delete emails that do not “look good” on mobile.

Chris continued his presentation, focusing on examples of how Mobile email should be Skinny, Scalable and Responsive. A few tools that can help with this process:

  • Email on Acid and Litmus (Design previews)

He also discussed Social in Email; Email in Social and offered more tips regarding tools that digital marketers can utilize.

Chris’ full presentation can be accessed at:, and a recap of each slide with some of the best Tweets from the event can be found here: However, after it was all said and done, a number of good points really stood out from Chris’ presentations:


  • Email messages must be developed and delivered in a manner that fits each audience member’s interests, reading habits, and device usage.  It’s truly a ‘right message, right time, right place’ mandate.
  • You can learn a lot with email testing.
  • Don’t lust after your competitor’s metrics. Concentrate on the unique concerns your customers have.
  • If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying – Chris quoted Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes. We make happy little accidents.”

We thank Chris for his terrific presentation, and we were especially pleased to meet so many new attendees. We encourage you to learn more about AZIMA and contact one of our board members with any questions!

Next AZIMA with Tim Moore Sneak Peek

Last Friday afternoon, Tim Moore of CrushIQ sat down with the past president of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association, Arnie Kuenn to discuss some of the topics he’ll be covering at the upcoming AZIMA event. Tim has been engaging in technology consulting for nearly 20 years, and provides counsel, marketing guidance, and digital relationship best practices. He has a wide field of rich experience from working at The New York Times Company in digital business solutions leadership role, to the founder of numerous technology start ups. He’ll be braving Arizona’s summer heat, making the trip all the way Willmington, North Carolina, on Thursday August 16th, 2012 to present at the “Google Plus for Business” Scottsdale Hilton. Watch the video interview to get a sneak peek at what Tim plans to present at the next AZIMA.

Tickets are available to see “Google Plus for Business with CrushIQ CEO Tim Moore”. Register now!

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“How to Reach the Hispanic Market Online” – A Presentation by Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald, author of award-winning, best-seller, How to Market to People Not Like You: “Know It or Blow It” Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers and president of McDonald Marketing, presented at the September Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) social event this week.  As a specialist in multi-cultural and diversity marketing, her presentation, “Relating, not Translating: How to Reach the Hispanic Market Online, Today and Tomorrow” was data-driven, witty, and incredibly impactful.  Kelly spoke to the “size of the prize” of the Hispanic market, presented a model for understanding the different mindsets of the Latino population (or any immigrant population), and highlighted the importance of connecting to your target market in ways that matter to them.

Why is the Hispanic Market important?

Latinos are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. 1 in 4 children are Latino, 1 in 6 U.S. residents are Latino, and by 2020 that statistic is expected to be 1 in 5.  There are over 50.5 million Latinos in the U.S. – that’s more Canadians than there are in Canada – and that makes the U.S. the second largest Hispanic country in the world (Mexico is #1).

Latinos are early adopters of technology, highly engaged online, and active mobile users – according to Kelly, 25{2bbd478b6aadf2a9bb5e10dcf35d17c0d0772390afbaf5ac8145fb1096668903} of 1st generation iPhone purchases were made by Latinos, and Hispanics make up the largest percentage of users of MySpace and Facebook.  However, Hispanic social media usage is different from non-Hispanic usage in that they are more likely to:

  • Engage in social media for personal use rather than business
  • Use social media to reach out to extended family or communicate with friends they know, rather than building networks of new people
  • Need an effective and affordable way to communicate with family in different countries

So how do you get started?

Understanding Acculturation vs. Assimilation

According to Kelly, one of the biggest mistakes companies make when marketing to Hispanics is to assume that they’re all just one big group of Spanish-speaking people.  There are Hispanic people from many different countries, with their own customs and traditions, but there’s more to it than that.  Successful living in a foreign culture is often more about acculturation (acquiring a 2nd culture) than assimilation (forfeiting one’s culture and taking on another).

In her presentation, Kelly went over her trademarked “Latino Acculturation Stratification” model, which breaks out Latino U.S. residents into four groups based upon how long they and their family have been in the U.S., their language abilities, and other factors related to their history, their preferences, and how they identify themselves.  Each of these groups hold different values, and you should consider how they would prefer you to engage with them (like you would with any market or demographic).  Don’t just consider the demographics though, think about the psychographics – what are they interested in and what matters to them?

How do you connect with Hispanics?

  • First of all – try doing it in their language.  Many Hispanics don’t speak English at all, but even those that do often prefer to speak Spanish.  This is especially critical for the more complex offerings, like financial, real estate, and insurance transactions, which include contracts, legal obligations and other fine details which may get lost in translation.
  • Consider including additional content for your Hispanic market.  But translating is not enough.  Kelly discussed the importance of building different content (including images, copy, color, etc.) and sending messages that are relevant to your audience and what’s important to them – their values.  In her book, she goes into the difference between translation and transcreation.  Basically, make sure you’re not just translating your English copy word-for-word.  Ideally, work with a marketing agency that understands Hispanic marketing to create culturally-relevant messages in Spanish. However, if you don’t have the budget to hire an agency to create new content, at least simplify your copy before translation – remove idioms or turns-of-phrase and use language that leaves no room for interpretation.
  • Next, make sure your company is prepared to do business in Spanish.  Have at least one employee who can provide friendly and helpful customer service in Spanish.  Post signage in Spanish.  Record a voicemail in Spanish, or offer a separate number for Hispanic customers.  Prepare your office or store to accommodate your customers and their family – Hispanic families often make decisions together and run errands as a family – offer treats or toys for children, or even just extra seating.

In case it wasn’t plainly evident, Kelly McDonald is a wealth of information and insight when it comes to multi-cultural marketing, and her presentation at the September AZIMA social event was an eye-opener. Read her book – you’ll learn about more than just demographics and cultural differences; you’ll learn how to pay attention, listen to your consumers’ needs, and make better connections with everyone around you.

Guest Post By:

Jen Cykman is a Web Analyst at Cardinal Path, a premier Digital Intelligence and Optimization firm, with offices throughout North America. It has received two WAA Achievement nominations, and features some of the top minds in the Digital Intelligence community. Jen specializes in SEO and web analytics, with a passion for content and user experience.  Find her on LinkedIn.

Sending Users to Communities vs. Creating Communities

In April, I went to a workshop held in Boulder, Colorado titled “Making Digital Work”. The main theme of the workshop was that marketers should be creating communities around, and improving how communities use, products and services.

It makes sense. People want to be connected and can often be associated through a brand. The majority of brands accomplish this by asking for ‘Likes’ and running some kind of promotion through Facebook, Twitter and a host of other big-name communities.

While this creates many opportunities to interact with a subsection of users, this grouping of communities with third parties (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can also defragment what should be a whole community under a brand. Rather than always sending users to these others platforms when in need of social integration, why not look at how user communities can be kept together as well as add features to brands, products and services?

Creating a community that adds to your product or service

Garmin is an excellent example of this. Garmin had a similar social setup to most companies. They have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and a blog. But, their users were split into these communities and their product wasn’t getting better for it. So, Garmin developed a social experience — Garmin Connect — that fit the culture of their community as well as extended the benefits of their products.

Garmin Connect is an entire social platform for the outdoorsy Garmin GPS users. With a Garmin GPS, walking, biking, running and hiking routes can be uploaded and shared with other users. If a user is looking for a change of scenery or in an unfamiliar location, the user could access Garmin Connect to browse and download routes according to the activity, distance, elevation and time needed to complete. Users can also share and track workout goals and analytics. To date, Garmin Connect users have logged more than 1.15 billion miles.

What’s can be learned from this? While a proprietary social network can’t always be developed for a brand, product or service — it’s important to think about how user communities can stay intact while improving whatever it is being sold. If there’s a culture behind a brand, product or service, make a better way for that culture to get together — even if it doesn’t fit within the confines of popular existing social platforms.

Guest Post By: Scott Rostohar Lost Creature (formerly Dojo Collective) | Copywriter for Apollo Group

Intrigued by technology, passionate about the phoenix creative community and plagued by the blank page.


Prizes, Prizes and More Prizes!

Each and every month, we, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association have the opportunity to award our growing membership base with fabulous discounts and amazing prizes that are supplied by our supportive sponsors.  This month, Cox Communications donated an iPod touch, which has been awarded to long time AZIMA member Eric Keosky-Smith.

As if that one amazing gift wasn’t enough for the month of July, AZIMA has also selected two random names from the roster of attendees of the last social event hosted on July 12th to award with free platinum passes to upcoming event SES San Francisco Conference and Expo on August 15- 19, 2011. This annual event, in its’ 13th year draws thousands of marketers and agency professionals and focuses on education (no sales pitches!). They’ll cover Search Marketing (including SEO, PPC management & Social Media), keyword research, local advertising, mobile engagement, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, online video, site optimization and usability. It’ll include high-level strategy, keynotes, an expo floor with 100+ companies, networking events, parties and more.  Congratulations to AZIMA members Liam O’Mahoney and Martin Zwilling who will receive these platinum passes valued at $2,995 courtesy of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association and it’s partner SES!

These winners will attend the conference along with at least two AZIMA Board of Directors, Arnie Kuenn, past President and Advisor who is slated to speak at the event and Jason Grovert, the Board’s Website & Technology Co-Chair.  All other AZIMA members and even occasional AZIMA supporters and friends can attend the event at 20{2bbd478b6aadf2a9bb5e10dcf35d17c0d0772390afbaf5ac8145fb1096668903} discounted rate using the promo code ‘20AZM’

Don’t worry, though. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners to this give-away there is still plenty of time left to be included in the many random member give-aways and contest that AZIMA has planned this year! Attend the August 9th, event featuring Neal Schaffer discussing Social Media Strategy for Business and be an AZIMA member and you’ll be automatically included in the pool to receive a brand new Kindle courtesy of AZIMA and Cox Communications. One lucky winner will be chosen just after the event. Good luck to you!

July Event Recap: Getting the Dish on Social Media for Restaurants!

The AZIMA Panel Discusses Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

The AZIMA Panel Discusses Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

July’s AZIMA event “Serving it Up with Social Media” was full of delicious stories about what it’s like to do social media marketing for restaurants. We got to hear from the perspective of national chains like Chipotle and PF Chang’s & Pei Wei, as well as from a local perspective of the acclaimed Phoenix restaurant Beckett’s Table. The discussion was moderated by Ty Largo, a food blogger & marketer of restaurants & hospitality at UP Agency, so we really got to enjoy a discussion full of expertise & knowledge! We also demoed an exciting new app called Chatterplug during the presentation, which allowed attendees to review the event in real time – which tied in nicely to our discussion of online review sites & getting feedback from guests!

What ensued was a great discussion where the three panelists shared stories on what they’ve found works well – and what doesn’t – to connect with their customers with social media. While all panelists agreed that social media can’t replace the importance of one on one interaction, and social media metrics can’t track mojo or the ROI on a smile, they all found social media to be incredibly effective & important to connect with their guests and spread the word about their latest dishes & promotions.

Chef Justin Beckett (@BeckettsTable) is not only a chef, but also the social media voice of Beckett’s Table, creating all of the Tweets & Facebook shares his guests enjoy himself. He finds that people react most favorably to pictures of the food, and he often posts pictures of the daily special, or even before and after pictures of the ingredients and the final dish. He joked that “Every time I post a picture of heirloom tomatoes, people go crazy!” in response to learning what kind of posts get the best interaction.

Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) connects with their local branch managers to ask questions like: Who are your customers? What do you want to do to connect with them better?  to help identify new marketing initiatives that will help them connect better with their various local markets. They also try to identify brand ambassadors and reach out to them for ideas & inspiration (in exchange for burritos, of course!), and are launching a new program where the local staff & managers can invite loyal customers to receive special perks & rewards. Making local connections is a big part of their social media approach.

PF Chang’s (@PFChangs) & Pei Wei (@PeiWei) reply to every tweet and try to connect with as many of their fans as possible, which is impressive for a national chain with over 20,000 followers on Twitter and almost 250,000 fans on Facebook! They find that coupons, such as the free lettuce wraps coupon that is currently on their Facebook page, are very effective at driving people to the stores through social media. They find that “one page, one message” is best when it comes to managing multiple locations so that they can control the voice and make sure no well-intentioned but perhaps less-skilled restaurants are posting updates like “nom nom nom nom nom.”

What was interesting was that all three restaurants  – PF Chang’s, Chipotle & Beckett’s Table – had just one person who was doing the heavy lifting of social media, and they all admit it’s no easy task and still playing catch-up on some social media fronts! Despite the challenges, you could tell that all three panelists really enjoyed their job and had a lot of passion for what they do, which was inspiring to restaurateurs and marketers alike.

And of course, all of that talk about food sure made the crowd hungry, but not to worry as Chipotle & PF Chang’s handed out coupons for free burritos & lettuce wraps, respectively, to everyone in attendance!

Event Photo Credit: Mark Goldstein

AZIMA Communications Committee Wants YOU!

Are you interested in becoming an active part of a local organization that shares your passion for interactive marketing? Looking for somewhere you’ll have the opportunity to learn from peers or a chance to find a mentor? The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association Communications Committee is comprised of a group of individuals that share the same goal; a deep passion for the interactive marketing industry and a deep desire to grow this non-profit organization in the next two years.  Each member of the committee, which is currently lead by the Committee Chair Stephen Heitz, The Director of Interactive Marketing at The Lavidge Co., the Commitee Co-Chair Matt O’Brien the Founder and President of Mint Social and Committee Co-Chair Elise Redin-Cook the Content & Marketing Manager at Vertical Measures includes a total of 5 members and is looking for more!

Why? Its simple, because many hands make light work as well as we love to collaborate on the best ways to improve this organizations communication and marketing in order to better serve our members and sponsors. If you are interested in joining the committee we only ask that you commit to devoting about 2 hours a week to AZIMA related work such as blog post writing, web page copy writing, press release writing and or public relations pitching and social media as well as employing other misc. marketing and communications tactics in order to drive both membership and attendance to our monthly events. If that sounds like you, great! Email us at [email protected] and let us know!

Visit the AZIMA Job Board

Finding a job or seeking out a new employer can be equally frustrating, stressful, and time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to turn. Thankfully, members of The Arizona Interactive Association (AZIMA) have access to our job board. The AZIMA job board was constructed to help our members with new employment opportunities. It also helps cut corners by solely trafficking job seekers and employers of a specialized niche.

Jobseekers are invited to create their own personal jobseeker account where they will be able to manage their resume, set up job alerts, and search for the newest jobs in the market. Likewise, employers and recruiters will be able to create an employee account, where they can post job opportunities and manage their online recruiting efforts. With the help of the AZIMA job board you will be on your way to finding your next career path or hiring your next star employee. Check out the AZIMA Job Board today!

Interested in Guest Blogging for AZIMA?

Whether you are trying to gain exposure, build links, or increase traffic to yourself or your business, guest blogging is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Guest blogging allows you to branch out to a new fresh audience other than your own. It can help build your reputation as a real expert in your niche and increase brand awareness.

Fortunately for you, The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) is on the hunt for guest bloggers! Members of AZIMA are invited to submit guest blog posts for the remainder of 2011 to [email protected]. Guest blog post submissions should target interactive marketers whether it is through sharing real world experiences, giving actionable advice, or sharing a new concept or development. We look forward to reading your submissions and to the further ability to provide engaging interactive marketing reading for our community!