Calling All Nonprofits!

Interactive marketing is a big part of any business – including nonprofit organizations.  With this in mind,  AZIMA now offers a discount for all 501(c)(3) and 501 (c)(6) businesses.  You’ll receive the same benefits as the corporate levels, plus you’ll also receive free event registrations based on your level of membership.

Here is the breakdown of nonprofit membership:

1-10 Employees in Nonprofit Organization – $200/year with 1 FREE Event Registration

11-14 Employees in Nonprofit Organization- $350/year with 2 FREE Event Registrations

25+ Employees in Nonprofit Organization – $500/year with 4 FREE Event Registrations

Register for your membership now and join us for our next social event on December 14th where you’ll learn from David Mihm about local search.

Questions? Email Jill HowardAllen at [email protected].

Hope to see you as our newest members December 14th!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 15

Wow – my 15th edition of the Mission to Meet AZIMA Members is here.  It has been a great way for me to connect with people at AZIMA’s monthly social events and hopefully you have enjoyed meeting the members via video blog!  This week’s featured member is Victoria Fortnum.  She is an intern at both Orange Slyce and Vertical Measures,  so she is fully immersed in the Internet marketing industry on a daily basis.  Victoria attended the Nov. 16 AZIMA event with hopes to learn about the digital news world, as she attended a previous AZIMA event about online reputation management and had some great take-aways from the presentation.

Thanks for attending, Victoria. Hope to see you next month as well!  And hope to see all of you readers at the next social event, featuring David Mihm. The discussion with surround local search.


It is my pleasure to introduce to you two brand new members of the AZIMA Board of Directors. Manish Mamnami joins the AZIMA board as a VP of Website, and Laura Jablonski joins the crew as the new VP of Sponsorship.

For the purpose of this introduction, I thought I’d ask each of them a just a couple of  questions intended to provide a bit of an ice breaker.

Elise: What and/or who inspired you to seek a seat on the board?

Manish: We have already been supporting the Website Redesign for past 6 months. Arnie approached me with prospect of joining the Board. Thought it would be a great opportunity to work closely with other Board members to understand and meet AZIMA needs.

Laura: I have been attending AZIMA events since the beginning and have really been impressed with the variety of topics and quality of the speakers.  When the opportunity to join the board presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Elise: How long have you been an AZIMA member and/or attending our events?

Manish: Gate6 has been a member a year back and I have been attending the events for past 6 months.

Laura: I have been attending the events since the start and just recently became a member.

Elise: Which, if any social networks do you care to connect with other AZIMA members on?

Manish: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Laura: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn….you name it.

Elise: MAC or PC? Care to elaborate?

Manish: – PC

Laura: Bought a Mac about 6 months ago and can’t believe I lived without it so long.

Elise: What is the primary improvement to AZIMA that you are hoping to accomplish while you are on the Board of Directors.

Manish: Interactive website that effectively addresses needs of various target audience – Members & Sponsors.

Laura: I am responsible for sponsorships, so getting more companies to sponsor AZIMA is an obvious goal.  My hope is also to get more people in the interactive community to attend the events.

Elise: Are you driven by any passions outside of the interactive industry?

Manish: No time for other things! Gate6 has been number 1 passion for years.

Laura: Yes!  Travel is a huge passion of mine.

Thanks so much to both Manish and Laura. Please reach out to them, and welcome them!

Changes in the News Industry: Digital Trends in a Traditional Business

The November monthly social event featured a panel of local digital leaders discussing how they are continuously adapting to online trends like social media and mobile marketing. The discussion included Mike Coleman, VP Digital Media for, Russ Hill is the VP Product Development for and Joe Hengemuehler, News Director at KNXV/15.  The talk was moderated by Tim McGuire, Frank Russell Chair of Journalism at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. As a journalism graduate working in Internet marketing, the conversation was especially interesting to me.

The chat started with the question, “How are your jobs different now from five years ago?”  One thing the entire panel could agree on: their jobs are all very different at this point in time, due to advances in digital trends. With the rise of users on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, news is being delivered as it happens. Hengemuehler explained the difference in the deadline, or lack thereof. “The deadline is dead,” he said. “The deadline is now.”

Coleman, who has been working with for more than a decade, said that the biggest change has been the number of people responsible for the digital aspects of the publication. Five years ago it was a very small number, and now, almost everyone has a responsibility for digital parts of  Hill added that the job no longer ends when the radio show ends – you have to keep the conversation going through digital channels, like social media and mobile marketing. “If you disappear from the public arena, you won’t get ratings,” he said.  All of the panelists agreed that along with their positions, the audience has also changed.  No longer are media outlets after eyeballs, they are after news consumers.

When McGuire asked the panelists to speak to the matter that content is no longer king, there was some debate among the group.  Hill proclaimed that it is true – content is no longer king.  “Content is already out there,” he said. “KTAR is good at opinion. You need unique content to have a chance.”  But both Coleman and Hengemuehler disagreed, proclaiming that content is indeed still what is most important.

McGuire then asked about multiple platforms – should they be married or should they be separate entities? Hengemuehler said, “People aren’t looking for a push.  They want to interact.”  Coleman said it is imperative to use one to promote the others.

Hill added that is a shame that someone in the media industry did not invent Craigslist or Google, though it is the innovators dilemma. Why would we give all of that information away for free when people were paying media outlets to provide it and supply it?  Hill went on to say that he believes the recession was actually good for traditional media, as it has caused more and more companies to think like a start-up. “We are in the middle of a massive media revolution,” he said, which he compared to TV being invented.  “We need to stop asking questions and start finding answers,” Hill said.

One of the final questions McGuire asked was a loaded one – “Is mass media dead?”

Hengemuehler said, “Yes and no.” He thinks mass media is redefined, as social media is becoming more and more prominent. Coleman’s two cents alluded to “no,” as advertisements are still driving the mass media.  And Hill? “It’s already dead.” He believes everything is going to be niche specific when it comes to media.

Something all of the panelists agreed on: the times, they are a changing.  And in terms of media, no one is completely sure where things are headed – but everyone is working very hard to figure it out.  Hengemuehler said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

In addition to the wrap up post, I’d like to include a short interview of Mike Coleman about in the digital age by my colleague, Michael Schwartz and I, before the panel discussion.

Mark Your Calendars for February 7-10th, Online Marketing Summit Annual Conference is Coming Up!

Online Marketing Summit, the premier educational event for marketing professionals, is back in San Diego for its 6th year this February 7-10th. Join over a thousand (1,000) of your marketing peers as they share ideas, hear from expert practitioners, and learn best practices in the areas of: Social Media, Demand Generation, Search, Email, Analytics, Mobile, Integrated Marketing and more.

With four tracks designed to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate, and expert-level practitioners, OMS educates attendees on topics unfamiliar to them, and deep-dives into topics they want to learn more about. As AZIMA Members and friends, you’ll receive additional savings by using the promotional code of “AZIMA” and get a 20{2bbd478b6aadf2a9bb5e10dcf35d17c0d0772390afbaf5ac8145fb1096668903} discount. Mark your calendars today, and save more on your discounted registration rate! We’ll see you there!

Looking for Interactive Talent in the Valley?

As the leader in Arizona for marketing strategies, best practices, and solutions for the industry, AZIMA is pleased to provide an Academic Outreach Guide for Interactive Marketing!  You can find the 21-page Academic Outreach Guide on our website.

Employers Recruiting New Hires:

In the guide you’ll find a matrix categorizing each skill related to interactive marketing that Arizona universities teach to guide you to the best schools for recruiting.  From web design to Internet technology, from information systems to general management, you’ll be able to find the perfect source of talent for your company needs!

Once you find the skills of interest, link to the school of your choice (or all of them!) to find contact information in the school’s career management department.  You’ll also discover links to post jobs and internships directly on school websites.

Not only does the guide provide information about all the major universities and colleges in Arizona, it also offers information about Maricopa Community Colleges, providing an even deeper network and talent pool for your company needs.

Exclusive Hiring Support for AZIMA Members:

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new member benefit that you can now take advantage of! One of the core values AZIMA was originally founded on was to support the creation of a united front for online marketers in Arizona, creating one voice on issues of importance while fostering networking and stimulating competitive business practices and growth in this vibrant industry. In order to nurture that development, we’ve found that another way that we can aid the growth of this industry here is to connect growing, thriving businesses with the qualified local candidates that they are seeking.

Therefore, we invite you to email [email protected] and let us know about any upcoming job openings in the interactive marketing field.  Additionally, we encourage you to bring recruiting materials such as 1 page job listings or recruiting brochure to AZIMA’s signature social events, including the upcoming event tomorrow night on Adapting News Media. You can leave these recruiting materials at the registration desk and these opportunities will be shared with the attendees at the event.

We hope that as an AZIMA member, this will aid your recruiting efforts and help you to grow your business!

Students in Interactive Marketing:

Students will find value in the same guide, since the schools are organized by skill or area of study. Whether seeking a university degree or just looking to enhance your skill set with a class or two, students and employees and find the best fit through the interactive guide.

Students can also check out the AZIMA Job Board where you’ll locate multiple job listings for full-time employment and internships.  Post your resume so companies can find you!

Also frequent AZIMAs LinkedIn page and our Events page, where you’ll find information on the latest networking event.  There is no better way to get noticed by that new company than to personally introduce yourself at the next AZIMA reception!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 14

At the October AZIMA social event, I had the pleasure of interviewing David DeMar from Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants.  He has been attending AZIMA events since the beginning of 2010 and says the organization fills a void that Phoenix had been lacking.  He also loves to meet new people at each and every event!

Don’t forget about our November social event, next Tuesday!  The discussion will focus on how new media methods are being integrated in a traditional industry right here in Phoenix.

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 13

Becca Field, Strategic Account Manager at Republic Media, attends AZIMA events to learn more about SEO!  She was especially excited about the October event featuring Danny Sullivan.

Do you have an interesting AZIMA story you’d like to chair? Find me at the next event!  I’ll be the one holding a flip camera 😉