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Finding a job or seeking out a new employer can be equally frustrating, stressful, and time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to turn. Thankfully, members of The Arizona Interactive Association (AZIMA) have access to our job board. The AZIMA job board was constructed to help our members with new employment opportunities. It also helps cut corners by solely trafficking job seekers and employers of a specialized niche.

Jobseekers are invited to create their own personal jobseeker account where they will be able to manage their resume, set up job alerts, and search for the newest jobs in the market. Likewise, employers and recruiters will be able to create an employee account, where they can post job opportunities and manage their online recruiting efforts. With the help of the AZIMA job board you will be on your way to finding your next career path or hiring your next star employee. Check out the AZIMA Job Board today!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 29

After a bit of a hiatus, the Mission to Meet AZIMA members segment of the blog is back in action!

This week, I’d like you to meet Jason Miller of P.F. Chang’s and Pei Wei. He attended April’s AZIMA event to learn more about the industry he lives and breathes every day! He also loves to meet new, like-minded people.

Nice to meet you, Jason. Hope to see you next month, too! And don’t forget, May’s event is the first Tuesday of the month, May 3rd, featuring Vanessa Fox. Register today!

Interested in Guest Blogging for AZIMA?

Whether you are trying to gain exposure, build links, or increase traffic to yourself or your business, guest blogging is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Guest blogging allows you to branch out to a new fresh audience other than your own. It can help build your reputation as a real expert in your niche and increase brand awareness.

Fortunately for you, The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) is on the hunt for guest bloggers! Members of AZIMA are invited to submit guest blog posts for the remainder of 2011 to [email protected]. Guest blog post submissions should target interactive marketers whether it is through sharing real world experiences, giving actionable advice, or sharing a new concept or development. We look forward to reading your submissions and to the further ability to provide engaging interactive marketing reading for our community!

Real Projections, Real Measurements, and Real-life Case Studies.

Over the years I’ve been attending internet marketing events and whenever the subject of ROI and Social Media came up… the answer seemed to be…” There’s no silver bullet”. Why? Because social media is so new and every company has different goals and therefore are measuring different things. Well… fast forward to 2011 and now people, well actually Scott McAndrew from Terralever, are talking “real-life” ROI.  Yes, now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Real projections, real measurements, and real-life case studies.

Scott McAndrew is the Vice President of Strategy at Terralever and on April 12th shared his expertise with the attendees at AZIMA. I was one of those attendees and here’s what I soaked up from Scott’s presentation.

It’s 2011 and real-life social media ROI is happening now….
Research is indicating that companies are adding social media to their line-item budgets and as that budget increases, companies want to see measurements beyond the intrinsic values. The intrinsic values, or soft measurements, such as community relationship building, direct access to customers, number of followers or likes, re-tweets and comments are still important in the mix of social media, but now CEOs  are interested in conversion, increased channel sales, and revenue.

Tracking “real-life” ROI is possible, but it’s still a big challenge in the world of social media.  Several complicating factors such as imperfect data or no pre-existing data, no direct access to stakeholders, unreliable data with channels such as Twitter and Facebook, and lack of measurement consensus make it tough to create and deliver a strategy for “real-life” ROI.  However, in the midst of all these challenges Scott and Terralever have found a way to track it and have been successful in their endeavors. Per Scott, here are some of the common social media ROI measurements… direct revenue, earned media, cost-savings or cost avoidance for customer service, research and development, and recruitment.

Real-life case study…
In the case study of eHarmony, one of the social media channels used was Facebook. Scott and Terralever were able to experiment with eHarmony’s postings on Facebook to find the right voice and questions for the brand. Once they found the right mixture they saw a growth in interactions and thus an increase in impressions, which is an increase in touch points for potential customers.  Terralever also experimented with Facebook ads; tracking conversions and cost per ‘Like’. They were able to decrease eHarmony’s cost per ‘Like’ from $10 per ‘Like’ to a couple of dollars per ‘Like’. That’s a cost-savings and tangible element of measurement. As a result of the success, eHarmony cut their TV budget to increase their social media budget. Again, another tangible item of measurement; earned media.

Tips for success…
It’s important to look at the intrinsic value and “real-life” ROI of social media. Align your strategy with goals, strategies, tactics, and measurements; then look for improvements. Put the tools in place to measure KPI’s and be open about the calculations. Check out Scott’s Presentation to learn more.

In conclusion…
Social media is fairly new and takes some experimenting, acceptance, and reliance. As you perfect these elements, you’ll reach the point of increased reliance, increased budgets, and increased accountability and, with increased accountability comes the importance of tracking real-life ROI to prove success to your clients.

Guest Post By: Lori Santa Maria
New Mom! | Internet Marketing Manager for 3TV |,
love coffee, love wine, love to learn, love to laugh.
Twitter: @Losama @azfamily

AZIMA Extends a Warm Welcome to New President, Roger Hurni and Several New Board of Directors

The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association is pleased to announce the election of a new President and a number of new Board of Directors. We are enormously impressed and grateful to all of the candidates who dedicated their time and were courageous enough to run. It is most certainly a demonstration of their commitment to the success of the local Arizona Interactive Marketing Community.

Roger Hurni, the Co-founder of Phoenix advertising agency Off Madison Ave., in Tempe, who has served on the Board of Directors as an Advisor for several months has been elected as the new president. Arnie Kuenn, the preceding President will now serve as an Advisor to the Board.  The Board of Directors also welcomes several new additions to their team!

Each year, AZIMA Board members vote to elect new members to the AZIMA Board of Directors for staggered one and two year terms. The new terms began March 17th, 2011. We couldn’t be more excited!

The new Board will have a very full agenda for the first few months of its existence, taking on a number of important strategic and governance issues. We will be keeping our membership informed of the pending issues, and of course will continue to welcome your input and guidance. We look forward to a year of exciting educational programming and big things to come!

Does Proving Social Media ROI Have You Stumped?

Although social media has undoubtedly become an integral part of a holistic online marketing strategy, establishing its value hasn’t been particularly easy for even those employing the tactics. Quantifying the return on effort/ investment from social media marketing has escaped both brands and practitioners alike. Scott McAndrew will cite real world examples and approaches being used by local interactive marketing agency, Terralever and the household names that they work for to demonstrate it’s worth.

Register now to hear from Scott McAndrew, the VP of Strategy at Terralever, who’s Scott’s years of dedicated experience in interactive marketing helps define the focus and methodology for client initiatives. With a career encompassing the fundamentals of design, marketing and technology, Scott works to ensure Terralever’s approach is aligned with each client’s overall business goals before tapping into a wide range of both tried, tested and leading edge interactive marketing techniques. He and his team also oversee all ongoing marketing and strategy retainers in order to provide performance-based reporting, analysis and prescriptive direction to guarantee sustainable, progressive results.

Attend this enlightening presentation on Social Media ROI, Tuesday April 12th, 2011 while seizing the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the brightest minds in the industry at the Scottsdale Hilton located at 6333 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, Arizona with networking and cocktails starting at 6:00PM and light dinner being served around 7:00PM. This light meal and one drink is included in the cost of the event which is only $25 for students, $35 for members, and a discounted rate for pre-registration of $45 for non-members. Otherwise, you’ll pay $55 at the door so don’t wait. And, on top of all of that two lucky attendees will win tickets to the next SEMPO AZ meeting on Wednesday, April 27 to discuss Local Search with Google’s Frederick Vallaeys.  Only those attendees present at the Arizona Interactive Marketing social event will be eligible to win! We’ll see you on Tuesday the 12th of April to tackle social media ROI! Get your tickets now!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 27

This Friday I would like you to meet AZ Lacey French Brown of Agency Side.  Lacey said she loves AZIMA events for all the networking opportunities!  Glad to meet you, Lacey, and hope to see you next week!

It’s almost that time again – time for AZIMA’s monthly social event!  David Szetala will be talking Pay Per Click marketing next Tuesday, March 8th. Register today! Hope to see you there!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 26

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! This Friday, I would like you to meet Libbie Miller from Sitewire.  Libbie tells us about her interest in content marketing — one of the things that draws her to AZIMA!

Thanks, Libbie!  Hope you enjoyed last month’s presentation with Joe Pulizzi!  Next month’s event is right around the corner, and you won’t want to miss David Szetala talking Pay Per Click marketing. Hope to see you there.

How to successfully market content: Do you know the steps?

Everyone in the industry knows that content is key, but not everyone knows what to do with it. Up and coming author and founder and president of Vertical Measures Arnie Kuenn wants to help you!

On April 7th at the Dynamic Worldwide training center in Tempe, AZ, Arnie Kuenn himself will be conducting a content marketing workshop to help professionals, students, and marketers alike, understand and learn how to create strategic content marketing plans.

Not Just Another Workshop

Unlike any other event, Arnie will provide guests with his uniquely developed, one of a kind process of how to create and market valuable content. Conducted in an exciting, hands on environment, Arnie will gracefully guide participants through the “Chain” of content marketing. The “Chain” consists of 8 critical steps of content marketing from developing exceptional content to implementation to measuring your success.

Each workshop member will receive a workbook filled with exercises, expert resources, and of course, a detailed outline of the step by step process. After a day filled of fun and learning, all students will leave the event with a pocket full of tools to guide them through the process of creating and distributing powerful content not only once, but time and time again.  For your added hard work, each student will be given a FREE copy of Arnie’s up and coming book, as well as five free how to guides on Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Keyword Research, and Local Search Marketing.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, April 7

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. *Food and Breaks will be included!

Place: The Dynamic Worldwide training center 4500 S. Lakeshore Dr. #695 Phoenix, AZ

If you feel like you understand what good content can do for you, but you don’t know where to go from there, this workshop is for you.

Register by March 1st to receive 40{2bbd478b6aadf2a9bb5e10dcf35d17c0d0772390afbaf5ac8145fb1096668903} off and guarantee yourself a seat!