AZIMAs mission is to help firms, businesses, educational institutions, and students foster their understanding of interactive marketing.  As the leader in Arizona for marketing strategies, best practices, and solutions for the industry, AZIMA is proud to announce the release of their Academic Outreach Guide for Interactive Marketing!  You can find the 21-page Academic Outreach Guide on our website.

For Employers Recruiting New Hires:

In the guide you’ll find a matrix categorizing each skill related to interactive marketing that Arizona universities teach to guide you to the best schools for recruiting.  From web design to Internet technology, from information systems to general management, you’ll be able to find the perfect source of talent for your company needs!

Once you find the skills of interest, link to the school of your choice (or all of them!) to find contact information in the school’s career management department.  You’ll also find links to post jobs and internships directly on school websites.

Not only does the guide provide information about all the major universities and colleges in Arizona, it also offers information about Maricopa Community Colleges, providing an even deeper network and talent pool for your company needs.

For Students Interested in Interactive Marketing:

Students will find value in the same guide, since the schools are organized by skill or area of study. Whether seeking a university degree or just looking to enhance your skill set with a class or two, students and employees and find the best fit through the interactive guide.

Students can also check out the link to the AZIMA Job Board where you can find multiple job listings for full-time employment and internships.  Post your resume so companies can find you!

Check out the link to AZIMAs LinkedIn page and our Events page, where you’ll find information on the latest networking event.  What better way to get noticed by that new company than to personally introduce yourself at the next AZIMA reception!

Take some time to read through the guide.  Its purpose is to find and foster the talent of emerging student leaders and turn them into the next generation of Internet Marketers…. all right here in Arizona.  Enjoy!

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