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Why Real People Like AZIMA

You’d expect our official site to talk about the benefits of joining the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association, right? But the people whose opinion matters more aren’t the official ones. They’re the people like you — who don’t automatically believe the marketing story. Here are the four biggest reasons those people, the real ones, are excited… continue reading →

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 17

I’d like to introduce you to Tom Rusling, General Manager at iAcquire.  Rusling said he likes to attend AZIMA events to keep up on the latest and greatest in Internet marketing around the Valley. Thanks, Tom! Hope to see you at next week’s event on local search marketing with David Mihm!

Mission to Meet AZIMA Members: 11

Meet Adrian Vender, Account Manager and Technical Implementation Specialist at WebShare LLC.  He likes the networking AZIMA offers and meeting all kinds of professionals in the interactive marketing industry. I think it’s safe to say that many AZIMA members enjoy the networking portion of the social events.  I do too! In fact, it is what I look… continue reading →