January Board Member Spotlight – Ginelle Howard

A Look Inside: Q&A (unedited) with AZIMA Director of Member Benefits Ginelle Howard Ginelle Howard, Independent marketing consultant and Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s Director of Member Benefits, has worked both the agency and corporate side of marketing and has befriended Fortune 500 brands ranging from make-up to pet products over the past 10 years. Currently,… continue reading →

We Like it When they Give us Big Data: Forecasting Campaign Success With Staffan Hulten

First impressions are everything. When thinking about the elements needed to make a great advertising campaign, many start off with contemplating messaging, visuals and platforms for distribution. But the Vice President of Research and Analysis of Media (RAM) Staffan Hulten takes a different approach. He recognizes if you don’t catch the attention of the audience… continue reading →

Newspapers Vs. Mobile Media

Back in the early 90’s newspapers dominated the coveted field of advertising,displaying visual print ads at a fraction of the cost of television. In the two decades that have followed many major cities have seen the demise of the dailies replaced by interactive social media and the rise of  mobile apps for Smartphones. According to… continue reading →

How to Get the Most out of Online Video

Guest Post: Submitted by Gate6 These days, video is an incredibly popular way to promote a brand, drive web traffic, educate an audience on a subject and benefit your SEO.  YouTube has become a phenomenon in and of itself with many of its videos going viral – becoming extremely popular in a very short period… continue reading →