January Board Member Spotlight – Ginelle Howard

A Look Inside: Q&A (unedited) with AZIMA Director of Member Benefits Ginelle Howard Ginelle Howard, Independent marketing consultant and Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s Director of Member Benefits, has worked both the agency and corporate side of marketing and has befriended Fortune 500 brands ranging from make-up to pet products over the past 10 years. Currently,… continue reading →

Email Is the New Direct Mail

Direct mail can target people by region and can count conversions with a specific phone number, coupon code or URL. Sounds like the perfect marketing tactic, right? Maybe not. While some marketers swear by it, direct mail is no longer the end-all, be-all of direct marketing. Nowadays, anything important (paying bills, shopping, etc.), can be… continue reading →

Invasion of the Second Screen

AZIMA and Ad2 Phoenix will host a special program on Aug. 21 about the second screen experience that will feature a panel of experts who will discuss these enhanced experiences that drive engagement. AZIMA volunteer Dean Batson shares his perspective on how the second screen experience has already taken over.

We Love Our Customers

Future of retail is not in reward programs

In marketing we are consistently in pursuit of the one-to-one relationship we can have with a customer. However operationally, every company’s customers are treated nearly the same way – even with the tiers of loyalty programs. Sure there are some extra perks here and there when you go from Silver to Gold status but they are… continue reading →