Invasion of the Second Screen

AZIMA and Ad2 Phoenix will host a special program on Aug. 21 about the second screen experience that will feature a panel of experts who will discuss these enhanced experiences that drive engagement. AZIMA volunteer Dean Batson shares his perspective on how the second screen experience has already taken over.

AZIMA Members

Why Real People Like AZIMA

You’d expect our official site to talk about the benefits of joining the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association, right? But the people whose opinion matters more aren’t the official ones. They’re the people like you — who don’t automatically believe the marketing story. Here are the four biggest reasons those people, the real ones, are excited… continue reading →

Why Visuals are More Important Than Ever: Recap of May Meeting

Nearly 90 guests attended the May 15 Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) event, “The Visual Guide to Content Marketing and Repurposing,” presented by Matt Siltala, owner of Avalaunch Media, at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas. Matt began his presentation with some eye-catching statistics supporting why the trend is going visual: 90% of information submitted to… continue reading →


Digital Summit Phoenix: March 31-April 1

Interested in learning more about internet business and marketing? If so, attend Digital Summit Phoenix-a new local conference by TechMedia located at the Phoenix Convention Center March 31-April 1. Digital Summit Phoenix offers the premiere forum on digital strategies with incredible speakers. Over 75 speakers from leading brands will be providing you with the latest digital marketing… continue reading →