Personalize Your Online Content with Video

Guest Post By Member: Andre Willis Webinar: Leveraging the Latest Tools for Effectively Creating, Marketing and Distributing Media Content on 4/21/2010 Most of us have likely heard the phrase “content is king” in regard to online marketing.  The April AZIMA webinar featured digital media content creation and distribution tips from Chance Carpenter, Founder of Essential Event Technologies,… continue reading →

The Autoresponder is DEAD

Guest Post By: Heather Cooan,  Marketing Campaign Analyst with Direct Alliance Corporation, Heather works alongside Google employees to create and optimize adwords campaigns for small to medium sized businesses. Yes, folks, the autoresponder is dead! It has been annihilated by the king, relevance. This is just one of the gems I captured from the most recent… continue reading →

Get to Know Clate Mask at the Upcoming AZIMA Event

Clate Mask, the keynote speaker of the next AZIMA Social Event scheduled on April 13th, 2010 is the CEO and Co-founder Infusion Software & Consulting. Infusion provides complete CRM solutions to small businesses that want to automate and improve their sales, marketing and overall customer management. Prior to joining Infusion, even a year before finishing business… continue reading →

AZIMA Academic Outreach & How to Seek Out Fantastic Interns and New Hires

One of the core missions here at the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association is to help local marketing services firms, businesses, educational institutions and students improve their overall understanding and application of interactive marketing best practices. As an integral step in attaining this goal, AZIMA has created an Academic Outreach Program. The program will provide one… continue reading →

The Future of Education and Technology: EduRG Phoenix 2010

This weekend, the EduRG Conference is taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center.  The conference is aimed towards advancing education through technology and innovation. The mission of EDU Research Group is to advance the quality of education by conducting research that assists the establishments in creating an improved academic environment, and help to match students with… continue reading →